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AIC Launches Center for Sport Physiology and Exercise Testing

SPRINGFIELD — What if you, your child athlete, or your sports team could use data-backed physiological testing services to improve health and athletic performance? With the help of American International College’s (AIC) Center for Sport Physiology and Exercise Testing (CSPET), that’s now possible.

The state-of-the-art human-performance laboratory, located in the AIC Colaccino Center for Health Sciences, is the only one of its kind in the Greater Springfield area. CSPET features sophisticated testing equipment used to provide advanced exercise assessments and analyses in all aspects of health and performance, including BOD POD body composition testing, resting metabolic rate testing, and VO2 max testing.

Susie Lachowski, director of the AIC Division of Exercise Science and founding director of CSPET, explained that, with repeated testing over time, the center’s team can track an individual’s progress and highlight areas of improvement that may need to be addressed. “I am excited to provide individuals, athletes, and coaches with exercise testing opportunities to enhance their performance, fitness, programming, and overall health-related goals.”

However, Lachowski added that the CSPET program is not limited to athletes. It’s also open to AIC faculty and staff as well as members of the public who can access the same exercise testing services and education about their results. “The data from the various tests we offer gives individuals a baseline sense of where they are, no matter their health or fitness goals.”

Working in the testing center benefits AIC students in the allied health professions, providing them with learning opportunities to advance their practical knowledge in exercise science. After being trained by faculty, students gain experience administering exercise testing protocols and educating participants on their results, setting them apart from others as they enter their careers.

“Providing applied learning experiences to our students where they can take the content they have learned within our courses and apply it to real-world scenarios is one of the most exciting components to all of this,” Lachowski said.

The CSPET is now open to members of the college and Greater Springfield community by appointment. AIC student-athletes, coaches, faculty, and staff may sign up for testing at a discounted rate. To request information or to make an appointment, visit www.aic.edu/lp/sport-physiology.