Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of August 2018.


BGM Realty, LLC
237-241 South Westfield St.
$454,250 — Alter tenant space for new care clinic
ICNE Group Realty, LLC
1070 Suffield St.
$14,500 — Roofing

Greg Popielarczyk, Audrey Popielarczyk
135 Country Road
$4,974 — Deck off existing above-ground pool

Pride Convenience Inc.
6 North Westfield St.
$15,700 — Replace storefront glass, modify food-service area, remove and replace gasoline canopy fascia


Gleason Johndrow Rentals, LLC
6 University Dr.
$33,656 — Remodel space to accommodate store

Gleason Johndrow Rentals, LLC
10 University Dr.
$10,000 — Build new entry counter at the Hangar for hostess and takeout

Village Center North Amherst, LLC
83 Sunderland Road
$2,363 — Roofing

Village Center North Amherst, LLC
83 Sunderland Road
$2,000 — Alter stairwell space to increase adjoining room size


Matthew Bogacz
12 Riverview Place
$17,602 — Roofing

Gregg Nanni
820 Memorial Dr.
$5,000 — Replace exterior plywood and siding; replace interior drywall, fix drop ceiling, and install wall tile

Polish National Credit Union
46 Main St.
$29,000 — Modify existing sprinkler system

Jo-Ann Smith
393 New Ludlow Road
$50,000 — Install paint booth form and install new concrete floor

Valley Opportunity
640 Chicopee St.
$82,925.57 — Replace 119 windows


George Abdow Jr.
155 Brookdale Dr.
$250,000 — Alter office space on second floor

C & W Breckwood Redalty Co.
1060 Wilbraham Road
$17,600 — Install fire-alarm monitoring system in Save a Lot store

City of Springfield
1250 State St.
$61,780 — Alter two glass entrances at Springfield High School of Science and Technology

F.B. Development, LLC
1537 Main St.
$170,000 — Alter tenant office space on second, third, and fourth floors of Fuller Block Building

South Campus Group
140 High St.
$270,000 — Alter office space on second floor

Stemalies Inc.
2 Orange St.
$1,800 — Install bracing in roof structure for additional support for roof-mounted mechanical equipment