Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of January 2019.


The Boltwood Group, LLC
30 Boltwood Walk
$32,707 — Roofing


Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield
7 Belcher St.
$20,000 — Remove three antennas and three remote radio units; install three antennas, three remote radio units, and one hybrid cable to wireless telecom facility

SCP 2002E-31, LLC
1616 Memorial Dr.
$109,000 — Interior remodel to pharmacy area at CVS; equipment, fixture, and finish upgrades; minor plumbing and electrical work; parking lot and sidewalk upgrades

U.S. Tsubaki Inc.
106 Lonczak Dr.
$228,925 — Construct metal tempering pit

Valley Opportunity Council
63 West St.
$177,000 — Renovate first-floor space

Wrecker, LLC
1676 Westover Road
$3,600 — Install complete building fire-alarm system with sprinkler flow and tampers


Autumn Properties, LLC
4 Liberty St.
$3,000 — Remove partition walls in office suite

CIL Realty of Mass. Inc.
100 Strong St.
$12,725 — Install privacy fence


Benton Professional Partners
265B Benton Dr.
$2,431,254 — New commercial building

LG Industries, LLC
194 Pleasant St.
$9,500 — Sheet metal

Orange Theory
434 North Main St.
$5,300 — Sprinkler system


Alliance Church
385 Chapman St.
$20,000 — Roofing


Amherst Development Assoc., LLC
329 Russell St.
$73,950 — Roofing at Econolodge

Parmar and Sons Inc.
41 Russell St.
$9,900 — Install hood and roof-mounted exhaust supply fan at Ecuador Store

Pyramid Mall of Hadley Newco, LLC
367 Russell St.
$62,000 — New walls, electrical, lights, and storefront for Lazer Blast

W/S Hadley Properties II, LLC
353 Russell St.
$221,700 — Frame and install rooftop units and exhaust fan, furnish and install ductwork and insulation, registers, diffusers, and air balancing


Big Y
122 North King St.
$108,700 — Frame and insulate drywall perimeter walls and box out columns

City of Northampton
Haydenville Road
$25,000 — Swap three antennas, add three remote radio units and one DC surge suppressor, add DC cables

Masonic Street Trust
32 Masonic St.
$300,000 — Repairs following fire

Meadowbrook Preservation Associates, LP
491 Bridge Road
$19,125 — Roofing

Northampton Arts Trust
33 Hawley St.
$6,670 — Non-illuminated wall sign


Palmer Housing Authority
13 Fletcher St.
$37,667 — Add new accessible path in front of community building, add new door and hardware


Baystate Medical Center Inc.
300 Carew St.
$294,054 — Alter interior space at Family Advocacy Center

C & C Springfield Realty, LLC
782 State St.
$426,000 — Alterations and accessibility upgrades to McDonald’s restaurant

Carmela Fraziero
1070 Main St.
$120,000 — Alter interior of Red Rose for restaurant expansion to include new kitchen area

Vibra Healthcare Real Estate Co. II, LLC
1400 State St.
$20,000 — Remove and replace three roof-mounted cellular antennas for T-Mobile


Baystate Health
85 South St.
$561,000 — Renovate women’s health suite

James Chrabaszcz, John Chrabaszcz
268 Belchertown Road
$20,000 — Replace six antennas with six new antennas and associated ancillary equipment and cables

CMJT Management, LLC
90 South St.
$12,000 — Turn storage room into coffee-break room, install sheetrock and flooring

Letendre, LLC
350 Belchertown Road
$5,734 — Construct new shed

TCF Enterprise, LLC
85-91 Main St.
$2,800 — Install opening in existing wall


Steve Rivers
771 Dewey St.
$34,200 — Kitchen renovation


Town of Wilbraham
678 Main St.
$187,000 — New handicap-accessible bathrooms, new kitchenette, interior renovations, construct handicap-accessible deck