Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of June 2019.


Jonathan Gurfein
555 Belchertown Road
$5,500 — Interior demolition and site readiness, close 10 windows, replace four windows

LHB Enterprises Inc.
358 College St.
$38,000 — Sheetrock walls, new flooring, new ceiling, build dressing room and counters

Simple Gifts Farm, LLC
1089 North Pleasant St.
$35,479 — Install photovoltaic solar system on farm store roof


The Colvest Group
474A Memorial Dr.
$4,968.31 — Install low-voltage fire-alarm system

CPI 425 Meadow Street, LLC
425 Meadow St.
$275,000 — Construct metal structure

EJL Realty, LLC
1625 Memorial Dr.
$8,000 — Metal roofing


Eastworks, LLP
116 Pleasant St.
$40,000 — Frame partition walls for office build-out in Suite 333

KEP Holdings, LLC
99 Cottage St.
$15,000 — Install fire-suppression system


Century Fitness
491 North Main St.
$54,276 — Roofing

Cornerstone Church
15 Kibbe Road
$90,000 — Metal garage

Excel Dryer Inc.
357 Chestnut St.
$774,200 — Addition and new structure

Pioneer Valley Arms
50 Shaker Road
$2,700 — Sign


173 Main St., LLC
173 Main St.
$7,159 — Replace two windows

Franklin Regional Transit Authority
12 Olive St.
$139,000 — Replace three vestibules

Matthew Parody
21 Power Square
$15,195 — Install 46 solar panels on garage roof

Stephen Pritchard
134 Hope St.
$16,800 — Construct retaining wall

Stop & Shop
89 French King Highway
Install seven signs for online-order pickup area

Mark Zaccheo, Barbara Zaccheo
26-28 Federal St.
Attach two signs to building for Baker Financial


W/S Hadley Properties II, LLC
353 Russell St.
$10,290 — Tenant fit-out of L.L.Bean retail store within new-construction building


Allegrone Real Estate, LLC
150 Pittsfield Road
$7,250 — Fit-out for new tenant, including drywall, carpet, ACT ceiling, window casing, and base

CR Resorts, LLC
165 Kemble St.
$30,000 — Replace existing air-conditioning system

90 Pittsfield Road
$20,000 — Sprint to add two new antennas and one remote radio head to existing tower

MRG CRW Holdings, LLC
Lee Road
$6,000 — Erect pre-engineered wood structure to be used as trash shed

MRG CRW Holdings, LLC
Lee Road
$2,000 — Erect pre-engineered greenhouse

MRG CRW Holdings, LLC
55 Lee Road
$283,600 — New guest rooms in basement and minor renovations to existing transient guest suites on upper floors, including minor updates to electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems

MRG CRW Holdings, LLC
55 Lee Road
$143,425 — Renovate and repair all guest suites at Beechers House and repair exterior elements, including brick, windows, doors, roof, siding, and trim boards

Patriot Armored Systems
100 Valley St.
$12,950 — Tie sprinkler system into existing mains


GPT Longmeadow, LLC
738 Bliss Road
$4,500 — New sign for J.Crew Factory

GPT Longmeadow, LLC
738 Bliss Road
$4,500 — New sign for J.Crew Factory

Longmeadow Mall, LP
827 Williams St.
$4,500 — New sign for AT&T store


Aster Associates
80 Barrett St., Unit 3
$15,500 — Roofing

Bible Baptist Church
722 Florence Road
$4,000 — Roofing

Rebecca Cochrane
264 Elm St.
$8,000 — Interior demolition of dental office

34 North Maple St.
$103,695 — Phase 2 of tasting room

Moushabek Properties Inc.
24 Main St.
$4,300 — Roofing

Northampton Arts Trust
33 Hawley St.
$80,000 — Site improvements, concrete sidewalk, paving, bench

Smith College
College Lane
$761,000 — Renovate Room 106 in Seelye Hall


Robin Lamica
1780 North Main St.
$1,455 — Replace face of existing sign for Robin’s Auto Body

NECR Railroad
1 Depot St.
$2,500 — Demolish small outbuilding

O’Connell Oil Associates Inc.
3086 South Main St.
$34,600 — Install new walk-in cooler, wallpaper, new cabinets

George Roberts
1415 Main St.
$1,500 — Erect two new signs for Vantage Rehab

Town of Palmer
First Street
$2,000 — Construct accessible ramp from trail to gazebo


Blue Tarp Redevelopment, LLC
12 MGM Way
$680,000 — Alter existing Starbucks tenant space at MGM Springfield into VIP lounge

Bridge Hillman, LLC
309 Bridge St.
$19,500 — Alter tenant space, including accessible restroom, for Granny’s Baking Table

DCX Springdale DST
1600 Boston Road
$10,000 — Alter interior space at Stop & Shop for new online-order pickup area

Five Town Station, LLC
296 Cooley St.
$10,000 — Alter interior tenant space, install new kitchen equipment and smoking bar

Five Town Station, LLC
380 Cooley St.
$18,600 — Alter tenant space at Five Town Plaza for Children and Family Dental Group

Infusion Plus Inc.
1 Stafford St.
$58,900 — Replace 16 windows

Norwest Group Inc.
125 Progress Ave.
$250,000 — Install roof-mounted solar panels on building

Rivers Landing, LLC
1150 West Columbus Ave.
$10,000 — Interior demolition for restaurant

Salmar Realty, LLC
3065 Main St.
$328,000 — Alter interior tenant space and addition to rear of building for Dunkin’ Donuts

UBS Financial
1 Monarch Place
$196,000 — Alter tenant office space on 14th floor


Entre/Pearson Ltd.
138 Memorial Dr.
$25,200 — Reconfigure demised tenant space, including new flooring, paint, walls, and door frames

State of Connecticut
1305 Memorial Dr.
$10,000 — Install commercial hood in Connecticut building at Eastern States Exposition

Joanna Susin
935 Riverdale St.
$100,000 — Relocate customer-service department at Stop & Shop to create space to build out new online-order pickup area


JCE Realty, LLC
1984 Boston Road
$1,000 — Re-letter standalone sign for Valley Podiatry

JCE Realty, LLC
1984 Boston Road
$1,000 — Re-letter two existing signs

Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield
42 Main St.
$45,927 — Exterior building repairs, change out four entry columns

Wilbraham & Monson Academy
423-451 Main St.
$40,000 — Ductwork for new building