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Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of September 2019.


35 South Pleasant, LLC
35 South Pleasant St.
$3,000 — Install temporary handicap ramp

Barbara Mantovani
163 Sunderland Road
$8,905 — Eighteen replacement windows

James Marley, et al
100 University Dr.
$115,507 — Reconfigure and remodel offices, including drywall, doors and hardware, acoustical ceilings, electrical, lighting, trim, and paint


HD Development of Maryland Inc.
655 Memorial Dr.
$3,500 — Remove and replace ceiling tiles and cabinets, paint employee break room at Home Depot

Sts. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church
32 Grattan St.
$3,100 — Roofing

Westfield Bank
569 East St.
$28,949 — Construct new room and new office


155 Northampton, Easthampton
155 Northampton St.
Install wall sign

Hampton Flooring Center Inc.
250 Northampton St.
Install awning


Elite Nutrition
130 Shaker Road
$1,100 — Two signs

EMA Dental
16 Gerrard Ave.
$12,500 — Sign

Revampit, LLC
90 Wood Ave.
$40,000 — Siding, windows, porch, and interior


W/S Hadley Properties II, LLC
337 Russell St.
$8,000 — Aluminum sign with LED lights for Smithland Supply Pet Center


Michael Considine, Shawn Leary
47 Main St.
$4,500 — Change two columns at entrance of Greylock Bank


Kenneth Fowler
25 Church St.
$3,575 — Roofing


21 Dwight Road
$75,500 — Expansion of New England Dermatology


City of Northampton
100 Bridge Road
$1,700 — Interior renovation of Kennedy School

Cooley Dickinson Hospital
30 Locust St.
$50,000 — Linear accelerator renovation

Paul D’Amour
162 North King St.
$54,200 — Illuminated wall sign for My Eye Dr.

Kollmorgen Corp.
50 Prince St.
Illuminated monument sign


Tony Armelin
175 Carew St.
$135,081 — Alter interior space on first floor for Mercy Mandell MS Center Infusion

Bethesda Evangelical Lutheran Church
453 Island Pond Road
$52,000 — Alter bell-tower roof assembly

Blue Tarp Redevelopment, LLC
12 MGM Way
$1,200,000 — Alter interior hotel suites, creating 12 units out of 24

Joseph Bonavita
1516 Allen St.
$6,000 — Alter interior commercial tenant space for Socialite Café

Min Hsu Liang, Zhang Cui Qing
598 Belmont Ave.
$30,000 — Remodel interior of building, addition for bathroom and office space

Flavio Marques, Maria Fernandes Clecia
266 Naismith St.
$15,000 — Add shed at rear of property over concrete foundation

Jeffrey McGeary
373 Worthington St.
$50,000 — Alter tenant space at Gándara Center for recovery support center, office, and restroom

Mercy Medical Center
233 Carew St.
$15,000 — Build new room and add door

Overland Lofts, LLC
151 Chestnut St.
$4,911,347 — Alter interior space for 60 residential units on floors 2-4; first floor will be partial commercial tenant space and some enclosed parking

Sentry Management Corp.
475 Sumner Ave.
$4,200 — Alter interior space at Interstate Mart for non-bearing partition wall between kitchen and dining areas

Springfield College
807 Wilbraham Road
$292,691 — Alter interior of dining hall at Loomis Lakeside at Reeds Landing

White Street Realty, LLC
673 White St.
$32,500 — Alter interior office space


Girard Ltd.
1343 Riverdale St.
$31,500 — Roofing

Anderson Gomes
103 Wayside Ave.
$16,913.35 — Replace 11 windows

Kevin McQuillan
61 Laurel Road
$977,881 — Design, fabricate, and install four-classroom modular building, including staff and student restrooms, at Tatham Elementary School


2030 Boston Road, LLC
2030 Boston Road
$20,800 — Three new signs for Delaney’s Market

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