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CRRC Scores Another Large Rail-car Manufacturing Contract

PHILADELPHIA — CRRC, the Chinese rail-car manufacturing giant currently building a plant in Springfield, was awarded a $137.5 million deal this week to build 45 new train cars for SEPTA, Philadelphia’s transit system. Its bid was $34 million less than the nearest competitor, according to philly.com. The deal includes an option to buy 10 additional cars for another $23.5 million.

The announcement comes on the heels of another deal, announced in December, to manufacture new subway cars for Los Angeles. The Los Angeles contract is worth $178.4 million for the manufacture of 64 new subway cars, with an option to buy 218 more cars.

CRRC is building its Springfield facility on Page Boulevard to manufacture 284 subway cars for the MBTA’s Boston-area Red Line and Orange Line, a deal worth $566 million. Production is expected to last five years. Late last year, the MBTA awarded CRRC another $277 million contract to build 120 additional cars after the initial run is complete.