DBA Certificates

Doing Business as Certificates

The following business certificates and/or trade names were issued or renewed during the month of April 2023.


Elements Hot Tub Spa
373 Main St.
Todd Thibodeau

Fusako Yamagiwa
85 Olympia Dr., Apt. 11
Fusako Yamagiwa

If Wishes Were Horses
321 Main St.
Kay Gregory

Kenos & Kenos Ventures
131D Brittany Manor
Kingsley Onyeukwu

Law Office of Peter Vickery
27 Pray St.
Peter Vickery

460 West St., #11
Jacob Smith

The Panda Hot Zone
497 East Pleasant St., Apt. 103
Rafael Perez

Rivka Solomon
145 University Dr., #3582
Rebecca Edelson

Sebastian Management
48 Fairfield St.
David Sebastian

Sovereign City Pressure Washing
75 Cowls Road
George Vazquez

West Street Coffee & Tea LLC
450 West St.
Christopher Rollins


Carroll Consulting
66 Moody Bridge Road
Theodore Carroll

Gohyang Restaurant
113 Russell St.
Hoon Song

J&J Brothers Tacos & Mini Market
41 Russell St.
Eliana Taveras

MAP Maintenance
56 Stockbridge St.
Richard Perry

Pioneer Valley Storage
333 Rocky Hill Road
Stadium Storage Inc.

Seneca Consortium LLC
5 Moody Bridge Road
Jean Forray

337 Russell St.
Frank Patel

Susanne Moser Research & Consulting
4 Kozera Ave.
Susanne Moser


Berkshire Camino LLC
437 North St.
Mindy Miraglia

Edwin A&C Construction
23 Pleasure Ave.
Edwin Guerrero Umana

341 West St.
Tinamarie Smith

Get Striped
20 Brooks Ave.
Jenae Halsted

Global Underwriters Inc.
82 Wendell Ave.
Global Underwriters Agency Inc.

Harbor Compliance
1830 Colonial Village Lane
Harbor Business Compliance Corp.

Joystick Interactive
82 Wendell Ave.
Incubeta US Corp.

Law Enforcement Against Drugs
82 Wendell Ave., Suite 100

50 Downing Two
Timothy Burke

Professional House Painters
23 Lakeway Dr.
Santiago Salas

Ready Set Play
675 Merrill Road
Melissa Fawcett

Tractor Supply Co. #728
898 Crane Ave.
Tractor Supply Co. Northeast LLC

Trueshine Cleaning
46 Cherry St.
Lauren Lewis

UrbanFarm 413
17 Linden St.
Duane Kerber, Sheila Kerber


Beers & Story Funeral Home
646 Newton St.
FPG Beers-Story LLC

Bud Production Studios
28 Pleasant St.
Brandon Roberts

Poesia Pottery
24 Upper River Road
Poesia Pottery


C&C Enterprises
32A Campbell Road
Robert Campbell

GJP Property Maintenance
97 Dugan Road
Gavin Rohan

Harper’s Landscaping & Moving
18 Bellevue Ave.
Mason Harper

R.P. Berthiaume Land Clearing & Logging & Trucking
66 Pulaski St.
Robert Berthiaume

Two Guys Haul
81 Greenwich Road
Edward Wyzik, Tonya Wiggin

Wicked Awesome Voiceovers Inc.
109 Church St.
Kristen Clemmer


A&Z Autos
66 South Broad St.
A&Z Autos Corp.

Accounting Enterprises
92 Little River Road
Patricia Castro

The Black Dog Grooming Salon
1430 Russell Road
Maria Della Ripa

Gary’s Auto Repair
11 Bartlett St.
Gary Francis

6 Old Stage Road
Genevieve Swiss Industries Inc.

GS Microteck
6 Old Stage Road
Genevieve Swiss Industries Inc.

Gulfstream Aerospace Service Corp.
7 Char Dr.
Gulfstream Aerospace Service Corp.

K-9 Services
3 Klondike Ave.
Donna Blews

KRM Office Equipment
1 Arch Road
Kevin McNair

Top Notch Paws
363 Northwest Road
Randall Hess

Westfield Auto Mall
82 Springfield Road


Blue Elephant Restaurant LLC
2000 Boston Road
Dan O’Connell, Nuchjaree O’Connell

Brianna Nicole Photography
29 Brookside Dr.
Brianna Kipetz

DIY Productions
4 Chestnut Hill Road
Ryan Visneau

Edible Arrangements
2036 Boston Road
Waqar Haider

Essential Canine
777 Stony Hill Road
Heather Hitchcock

Home Medics
4 Tall Timber Dr.
Oussama Awkal

Luzi’s Auto Body
2650R Boston Road
Todd Luzi, Dana-Lee Luzi

Nathan’s Consulting Services
3 Captain Road
Nathan Navarro

Mountainbrook Landscaping
27 Mountainbrook Road
Brett Jones

The Music Express
17 Tall Timber Dr.
Mark Bish

Wilbraham & Monson Academy
432 Main St.
Brian Easler

Wilbraham Commons Assoc.
269 Stony Hill Road
Chris Bowden

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