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FootCare by Nurses Expands Services in Massachusetts, Connecticut

GREENFIELD — FootCare by Nurses, a Greenfield-based foot-care business, is growing. Kate Clayton-Jones, founder and CEO of the company, announced this week that three new contracts will allow FootCare by Nurses to expand its services in Central Mass., the city of Springfield, and some towns in Connecticut.

FootCare by Nurses aims to redefine elder care by making evidence-based foot care central to general health, she said. “Our mission is prevention, and our passion is caring. Feet are literally the foundation for our body; they allow us to be mobile, they pump blood back to our hearts, and they connect us to the world. Any fault in feet affects the whole body, just like faults in a foundation affects the entire structure. Yet, feet are too often ignored or neglected while their care and well-being are essential.”

A contract with the Program of All-Inclusive Care (PACE) in Springfield will allow Serenity Care case workers to refer clients to FootCare by Nurses. The PACE program is centered on the core belief that, given a choice, most elders, the disabled, and their families would choose to receive care in their homes and communities rather than in a nursing home.

A contract with Tri Valley Elder Services will expand FootCare by Nurses’ services into the area south of Worcester. Additionally, FootCare by Nurses will take on former clients of Connecticut-based Pedi-care.

FootCare by Nurses has grown from three employees when it became an LLC in 2016 to 40 at this time. “This expansion and continued growth means adding close to 1,000 new clients and $300,000 in new revenue, which will trickle in slowly as referrals for foot care come in. We are adding two administrative positions ansd 10 nursing positions, and we are hiring for them now,” Clayton-Jones said, adding that “our nurses and the staff at FootCare by Nurses believe everyone deserves great evidence-based foot care. We have built a world where the patient-nurse relationship has trust extending beyond standard care.”

Specially trained FootCare nurses meet patients in their homes or at clinics without judgment. People can become embarrassed by neglected feet and neglect them further, Clayton-Jones noted.

“FootCare nurses literally sit on the floor at the patient’s feet and examine the feet and legs. They look for circulation problems, sores, and calluses, and release tension in the toes that can limit flexibility and lead to falls. They check the fit and lacing of shoes and make recommendations about socks,” she explained. “All our work is designed to improve quality of life. This is an alternative pathway for foot care from typical podiatry or nail salons that most people know.”

For those who would prefer going to a clinic to a home visit, FootCare by Nurses has offices in Greenfield, Lenox, and Fitchburg.