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Frankie & Johnnie’s Treats Children to Ice Cream at Square One

SPRINGFIELD — As the community enjoyed a stretch of summer-like temperatures, more than 100 children at Square One in Springfield enjoyed a cool treat thanks to Frankie & Johnnie’s Pizza.

Frankie & Johnnie’s owner Leon Giard recently contacted Square One and offered to spread a little summertime cheer at Square One by delivering his remaining ice-cream supplies for the children to enjoy.

“The timing was perfect,” says Kris Allard, vice president of Square One. “Frankie & Johnnie’s seasonal ice-cream business was wrapping up now that the fall temperatures are here. Leon is an amazing supporter of Square One and asked if the children could have the opportunity to enjoy the remaining inventory. Who knew that we would be experiencing record-breaking temperatures this week and that the ice cream would be the perfect treat?”