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Hogan Technology Announces Breakthrough in Data Protection

EASTHAMPTON — Hogan Technology, an industry leader in unified communications, announced that the company has launched its cloud disaster-recovery program in order to better protect customer data in event of natural disasters, power outages, employee errors, or emergency situations.

Nearly every business, especially in recent years, has become inextricably reliant upon its data in order run the company, said Sean Hogan, president of Hogan Technology, adding that data must be available to anyone who needs it, and it must be available at the exact right time. Unfortunately, most companies still use an inferior form of data backup, such as tape or external hard drives, he noted. Furthermore, lost or misplaced data creates unnecessary company downtime dragging operations to a screeching halt, which is out of the question for most of today’s businesses. With nearly everyone depending on a strong IT infrastructure, it’s no wonder why businesses are scrambling to find the ideal form of data protection and backup. With plans ranging from manual disk backup to off-site backup to sophisticated cloud-based disaster-recovery programs, the demand for this technology is clearly evident.

The overarching goal of any disaster-recovery program is to ensure that, in the event of any natural disaster (earthquake, fire, flood, tornado), power outage, or user error, a company’s data remains undamaged and is immediately retrievable. Hogan Technology’s cloud-based disaster-recovery program takes this technology one step further in that it allows businesses to continue running smoothly, even during the midst of a disaster or employee error like deleting a crucial folder off the LAN.

Essentially, for the first time, Hogan Technology’s customers can now shrug off a disaster and continue running their business as normal, said Hogan. “At the end of the day, it’s about keeping our customers protected. When we can deliver a proactive, redundant, cloud-based program like this, we can keep our customers connected with their data so that they can keep running no matter what life throws at them. It’s such an overwhelming competitive advantage to eliminate company downtime, and we’re absolutely thrilled to deliver this to our loyal customer base. We believe that, by providing our customers with competitive advantages, it gives them a leg up in their industry.”

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