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Kate Kane Named First Female President of Managing Director Assoc.

SPRINGFIELD — Kate Kane, managing director of the Zuzolo Northwestern Mutual network office in Springfield, will apply her leadership experience to the Managing Director Assoc. (MDA), where she is the first female president. “Kate is one of the most loyal managing directors in our system today,” said Managing Partner Jeff Zuzolo. “Her diverse career path has given us a mutli-dimensional view of vision and leadership.” Kane says the secret to becoming a successful managing director is mastering a complex set of goals. “I expect to be always moving and continuously prioritize what needs to be done next and what can wait. I remind myself that it’s a privilege to be given multiple responsibilities.” At the heart of her success as a managing director are her three core values — generosity, abundance, and personal responsibility, and she sees the latter as particularly relevant for her as a woman in the financial-services industry. “It’s challenging any time you are the only one, or one of few,” she said. “But it also gives you the opportunity to share your unique perspectives and make change happen.” For more information about Kane or career opportunities at Northwestern Mutual, visit katekane.nm.com.