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Leading to Unlock Announces ‘A Spa Day for the Sole’

ENFIELD, Conn. — Leading to Unlock, LLC, a business-consulting firm based in Northeast Conn., has announced an upcoming workshop, “A Spa Day for the Sole: Rediscovering Yourself Through Play.”

The workshop design uses facilitated exercises and hands-on play with Lego bricks. This creative method allows participants to rediscover what is important to their personal journey, improves communication skills, and unlocks confidence, creativity, and potential from within. Participants can use what is learned as input into their annual review, build a résumé, or create their development plan.

The workshop will be held at the Sheraton Springfield, One Monarch Place, on two separate days: Wednesday, Nov. 30, and Tuesday, Dec. 6. The workshop includes breakfast, ‘hard fun,’ lunch, more hard fun, and a take-home model for continuous inspiration after the workshop. Seats are limited. To register, click here.

Leading to Unlock LLC, a women-owned consulting firm, uses hands-on play and hard fun customized for each organization. Its team of experts specializes in building confidence, knowledge, collaboration, leadership, and communication skills within organizations, and helps create an environment where employees collaborate, innovate, and communicate differently, unlocking their individual and untapped potential.