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Massachusetts Credit Unions Unite in Support of ‘A Bed for Every Child’

MARLBOROUGH — Ronald McLean, president and CEO of the Cooperative Credit Union Assoc. Inc. (CCUA), on behalf of Massachusetts credit unions, along with members of the Massachusetts Credit Unions Social Responsibility Committee, presented a check for $202,725 to the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless at the third Annual Stephen D. Jones Credit Union Charity Golf Tournament in support of the “A Bed for Every Child” campaign. 

“The idea of so many children throughout Massachusetts not having their own bed is undreamed-of,” said McLean. “Massachusetts credit unions have banded together to ensure every child has a place to dream. We believe in the good work that the coalition accomplishes and are happy to do our part in helping children get a good night’s sleep to prepare them for a better future.”

Massachusetts credit unions have supported the coalition for more than two decades, surpassing more than $2 million in donations and providing blankets, toys, and books to help families in need. In 2018, Massachusetts credit unions raised $202,725 through efforts including the Stephen D. Jones Charity Golf Tournament and a variety of credit-union-driven initiatives. The need for “A Bed for Every Child” reaches all cities and towns in Massachusetts.

“A Bed for Every Child” began when a concerned inner-city public-school teacher reached out to the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless. At the time, the teacher was seeing an increase in the number of students who did not have a bed of their own. As a result, these students were coming to school tired and not ready to learn.

According to Robyn Frost, executive director of the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless, “there is no one face to a child receiving a bed, but they do have one thing in common, and that is, they are growing up in poverty in Massachusetts. The ability for ‘A Bed for Every Child’ to keep up with the demand continues to outpace the coalition’s capacity. We are extremely fortunate to have the Massachusetts credit unions as our partner.”