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PeoplesBank Named to List of ‘Top Ten Banks in Massachusetts’

HOLYOKEAdvisoryHQ has named PeoplesBank to its list of “The Top Ten Banks in Massachusetts” after an extensive review. According to the publication, “the names on this list of banks in Massachusetts are all very distinctive from one another, yet all have many advantages, benefits, and value-creating products and services that make them excellent choices for consumers seeking the very best in financial services.”

The bank’s corporate values were highlighted by AdvisoryHQ in its announcement of the list, which noted, “the corporate philosophy of PeoplesBank is a commitment to customers, maintaining corporate responsibility, creating a great place to work, and always striving to improve their environment.”

Added Thomas Senecal, president and CEO of PeoplesBank, “AdvisoryHQ has accurately identified the values we are proud of. As a mutual bank, we strive to serve our customers and the community as well as support the environment and our associates’ growth and development. These are also the qualities that we believe separate us from other financial institutions and truly make us a top bank.”

PeoplesBank was recently highlighted by the Assoc. for Customer Loyalty for the bank’s commitment to customers, was named a Top Corporate Charitable Contributor by the Boston Business Journal; was named a Top Place to Work by the Boston Globe and an Employer of Choice by the Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce, and has received environmental-sustainability awards from the city of Springfield (the first-ever GreenSeal Award), BankNews (Green Leaf Award), and the American Bankers Assoc. (Sustainable Banking Award).

AdvisoryHQ also suggested that the bank’s mobile app was one of the reasons it made the list of Top Ten Banks in Massachusetts. PeoplesBank was one of the first community banks in the nation to launch a mobile app and mobile deposit.