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Pioneer Valley Realtors Build Playhouses for Boys and Girls Clubs

SPRINGFIELD — The Realtor Assoc. of Pioneer Valley (RAPV) community service committee built two custom playhouses for the Boys and Girls Club of West Springfield and the Ludlow Community Center/Randall Boys and Girls Club.

The playhouses were built using specific designs put together with crayons and markers by the children who would be using them. The RAPV community service committee spent hours constructing these unique and inspiring structures, makings the kids’s designs come to life.

“I so enjoyed building the playhouses for our community boys and girls clubs. The project was fun and challenging. It was so inspiring to watch the children as the houses were delivered. The children’s faces were so happy and expectant, and it was great when they all ran over to squeeze into the new playhouse,” said JoMaria Velez of the RAPV community service committee.

Barbara Glanville, preschool director of the Ludlow Community Center/Randall Boys and Girls Club, added that “the kids love going in and out of it. They use it for different things, like a store, a fort, etc. Sometimes they just talk in there.”

Haabiba Whitney, director of Membership and Marketing at the Boys and Girls Club of West Springfield, said the members are thoroughly enjoying their time-machine-themed playhouse. “The playhouse is a fun place to exercise their imaginations and dream up all the possibilities awaiting them today and in the future. We believe there is no limit to what our youth can accomplish, and being able to imagine and believe in their greatness is where it starts.”