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PV Squared Welcomes Five New Worker-owners

GREENFIELD — PV Squared, a worker-owned cooperative and certified B Corp solar-installation company located in Greenfield, recently welcomed five new worker-owners to the ownership team. Each of the new worker-owners — Daniel Berry, Daniel Gomez, Doug Dedischew, Elliot Henry, and Ian Tapscott — has worked at PV Squared for at least two years before being promoted to worker-owner.

PV Squared started with four co-owners in 2002 and has since grown to 44 employees, 24 of whom are worker-owners. “One of our founding principles is that we are stronger together, and as such, we’re excited to see the shared leadership and ownership of our business grow,” said Andy Toomajian, who works on the Design & Sales team.

There are thousands of worker-owned cooperatives around the world, and that number is growing. The cooperative model reflects a growing movement to create an economic and social alternative to ‘business as usual.’ In a worker-owned cooperative, the people who do the work make the decisions together, instead of having them handed down from an executive. It’s a think-on-your-feet model that allows workers to offer their perspective, suggest alternative methods, and affect real change in practices.

“Being worker-owned is in our company’s DNA; it defines how we work with each on a daily basis, how we measure our impact in the communities we serve, and gives us purpose in the work we do,” said Stacy Metzger, general manager. “Every member of the PV Squared team has a direct stake not only in the success of the business and the clients’ businesses and homes, but also in the communities we serve.”

PV Squared provides renewable-energy solutions to a wide range of clients, including business owners, commercial property owners, academic institutions, and homeowners in Western Mass. and surrounding regions.