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Seminar This Afternoon Aims to Demystify Video Production

SPRINGFIELD — It’s not a novelty anymore. Video content is being consumed at a rapidly inclining rate and can be a crucial tool in the marketing strategy of modern businesses. But how should you go about creating it? What does it take? The process can get confusing.

At a free seminar today, Sept. 6, from 4 to 5 p.m. at UMass Center at Springfield, Chris Thibault, director and owner of Chris Teebo Films, will simplify the complex process of creating good video content.

“It can be frustrating for marketing professionals to get an idea off the page and onto a video format that actually plays well in front of audience,” he said. “Everything is custom, which is great, but can be daunting if not dealt with correctly. But there are a few tricks out there that can be applied.”

At the seminar, attendees will hear about how video is constantly changing and winning the competition for attention, how to hire a professional, DIY techniques for creating video content, and pointers on distribution of video (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TV, etc.) once it is created.

Attendees will leave with a better understanding of how the video production process works and be able to start the process of either creating marketing video themselves or hiring a team to do it for them. This workshop is part of UMass Center’s “Resolution Within Reach” series.