40 Under 40 Class of 2022

Sina Holloman

Chief Executive Officer, HomeCare Hands; Age 38

One of Sina Holloman’s favorite quotes is “fortune favors the bold.” But she adds to it, “once you receive that fortune, social responsibility becomes your mission.”

After starting with a single client, Holloman’s HomeCare Hands provides in-home caregiving throughout Western Mass., Connecticut, and even into Boston.

Originally trained as a nurse, she enjoyed working with seniors and began researching how to turn her passion into a business. Now celebrating its seventh anniversary, HomeCare Hands has always found ways to expand to meet client needs. Originally providing homecare and personal aides, the business added a transportation division to help clients get to appointments. During the pandemic, the company created a staffing agency to help medical facilities find workers. This year, HomeCare Hands opened an education division to train future home health aides and personal-care assistants.

Along the way, Holloman has always been eager to learn, and joined a business mentoring group.

“I was hoping to be a mentee, but they asked me to be a mentor,” she said. “It was a great experience because it helped me grow as a person and as a businesswoman.”

Now in demand as a speaker for groups and conferences, Holloman enjoys sharing all that she’s learned.

“I didn’t have a mentor, so I want to be there for others,” she said. “I tell them, ‘as long as you show up, have grit and patience, you can do this.’”

Holloman created the Humble Heroes Foundation to recognize everyday caregivers, the people who quietly care for a loved one or a neighbor. While many organizations support the afflicted person, she noted, those providing care are often overlooked.

“We want to take the people who are always in the back and bring them forward,” she went on. “We want to let them know we appreciate them and we see them.”

The recognition involves granting any kind of wish the caregiver might have as well as free care from HomeCare Hands. While Holloman thought the requests would be for exotic vacations, instead they were for simpler things like spa days and going out for dinner. “It was humbling to see what people actually wanted and what made them feel good.”

Now with more than 200 employees and growing, Holloman sees it as her responsibility to keep making bold moves for her clients and community.

“We’re in the business of people,” she said. “They need us, and they can’t wait.”


— Mark Morris