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BOSTON — Chariot Payments has emerged from reorganization with a reconstructed board, a new CEO, and an experienced team poised to launch its bank-compliant, hybrid-payment network to introduce a new way to connect traditional finance and banking to the emerging digital economies burgeoning in the world of decentralized finance.

Chariot’s hybrid network is configured for bank and regulatory compliance, enabling trusted, secure transactions between traditional finance and banking and instant settlement across digital currency protocols at a fraction of the cost imposed by the current payment networks.

“Imagine igniting your business to grow into new and wholly untapped Web3 and decentralized marketplaces that host hundreds of millions of businesses connecting billions of people where you can offer your customers access to instantly transact from their bank across digital currency through Chariot’s bank and regulatory compliant, secure network. That’s the power of Chariot Payments,” the company explained.

Chariot’s CEO, Benjamin Cavallari, along with Chief Technology Officer Mariana Jbantova, resuscitated the startup.

After a long rebuild, Chariot Payments announced that Glenn Hanson, CEO of Colony Hills Capital and co-founder of River Valley Investors, and Jay Como, chief data officer of Silicon Valley Bank, are joining Cavallari on the new board of directors.

Chariot also announced the reformation of its board of advisors, which includes prominent compliance leaders Angela Ratliff and Kevin Troxell (both with US Bank) and Brandon Oliver (previously with JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, and the DCU Fintech Center).

The company added that “this resilient, battle-tested team is excited to finally move the company forward from a long reconstruction phase into partnership with our first clients and to bring this technology forward to power the future of digital payments between all systems, old and new.”