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HOLYOKE — New to the beer and brewing industry, Ezra Bleau is introducing his business, Na Brews, with the launch of a Kickstarter campaign, “Na Brews (Nah Brooz) – Craft Beer for All People, for All Occasions.” This campaign will raise money for his mobile de-alcoholization production plan, increasing access to social, healthy alternatives nationwide.

“Na Brews is a craft solution to the ever-growing industry of non-alcoholic options in the market,” Bleau said. As a young professional, he wants to give independent breweries, not just the large production breweries, the power to produce quality non-alcoholic craft beer. At the same time, he wants to give consumers the chance to enjoy the social settings of being at a bar, taproom, or watching the big game on Sunday, and be able to enjoy craft beer without the hangover the next morning. Na Brews represents inclusivity, whether a 30-year-old man cutting alcohol for health reasons or the pregnant mom who wants to enjoy alcohol-free champagne on New Year’s Eve. “It’s all about substitution to promote a healthier lifestyle that anyone can enjoy,” he added.

The main draw of the campaign is a $20 pledge to be part of the “world’s largest non-alcoholic beer collaboration, which he intends to do during a livestreamed interactive event with his brewer. The company has been in contact with the Guinness Book of World Records and is working on certifying the event.

Bleau said he aims to “make the industry aware that there is a need for quality craft non-alcoholic beer, and we are tired of sitting in the penalty box waiting for it to happen. My company, Na Brews, is here to spark the N/A revolution and give the power to the independent brewer.”

Participants will be a part of this new craft beer every step of the way, selecting everything from style, grains, and hops to label design. With their $20 pledge, each participant’s name will be included in the collaboration can label for a future keepsake, and they will also be sent a can for their enjoyment and have exclusivity to purchase more before it is opened up to the general public.

NA Brews currently is an e-commerce operation based in Holyoke, offering online retail sales of non-alcoholic beer, spirits, and wine selections, including specialty boxes and subscription services for others to enjoy in the comfort of their own home or any social setting. Bleau also has a manufacturing and full alcohol-free production plan, partnering with independent breweries in surrounding communities to produce quality craft non-alcoholic beer.