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HOLYOKE — OneHolyoke CDC announced it will be hosting a neighborhood clean-up campaign focused on the Flats neighborhood today, starting at 10 a.m. and continuing throughout the day. Resources to support the clean-up initiative come from OneHolyoke CDC. 

Volunteers, residents, and representatives of OneHolyoke will assemble at the Flats Community Building, 43 North Canal St. on Earth Day to begin the neighborhood clean-up. Holyoke Mayor Joshua Garcia has been an active supporter of the clean-up initiative. 

The campaign will specifically focus on cleaning streets in Holyoke. City residents may participate individually by cleaning their yard, sweeping their steps, or raking leaves. 

Participants and residents are being invited to take photos and share on social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter, using the hashtag #KeepItClean2K22. The social media moniker #KeepItClean2K22 is a way of keeping the community connected throughout the initiative, allowing residents or partners to participate at their own convenience, according to organizers. 

OneHolyoke has taken a leadership position in cleaning Holyoke streets for the past four years by organizing weekly clean-ups from spring to end of summer.  

“The clean-up engages our residents and partner organizations and leads to an improved quality of life for our citizens,” said Nayroby Rosa-Soriano, OneHolyoke director of Community Engagement and Resident Services. “It builds community, which is one of the reasons OneHolyoke exists. We look forward to engaging residents, volunteers and partner organizations.” 

For more information, for supplies, for support, or to be included in the hosting rotation, please contact Rosa-Soriano at (413) 409-2004, or via email at [email protected]