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WEST SPRINGFIELD — Congressman Richard E. Neal, West Springfield Mayor Will Reichelt, members of the City Council, and cabinet heads gathered for a press conference Thursday to highlight the funds that West Springfield will receive from the American Rescue Plan.

The Town of West Springfield is set to receive $2.8 million and the West Springfield Public Schools will receive $10.4 million.

“The American Rescue Plan has proven to be a lifesaver for communities all across our country and here in western and central Massachusetts,” said Congressman Neal. “Not only does this money assist the town in recovery efforts, it allows the community to make bold long-term changes that will be beneficial for years to come.”

Said Reichelt, “We are very fortunate to be receiving funds from the American Rescue Plan for the Town as well as our school system. The Town of West Springfield, along with the entire globe, has come a long way over this past year. After many life changing events, we are thankful to all the assistance put forward by our legislators.”

The state of Massachusetts will receive $8.1 billion in assistance, with cities and towns across the western and central part of the state that comprise the First Congressional District receiving $241 million.

Neal also spoke about the Child Tax Credit as Thursday was the first day that advanced payments to eligible families were delivered by the IRS.

“The Child Tax Credit will help set America’s children up for success and put more money in the pockets of hardworking parents,” he said. “This important tax credit will benefit 86% of children here in the First Congressional District and will lift 8,300 children out of poverty.”