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NORTHAMPTON — On Nov. 13, Save Northampton Main Street presented its alternative Main Street design to a group of city residents at the Hotel Northampton. The presentation included architect’s renderings made to show specific details of an alternative plan from the city of Northampton’s plan for Main Street renovations. While similar to the city’s plan, the alternative plan looks at traffic flow, safety, and connections with the local rail trail.

Save Northampton Main Street has requested to present at the Northampton City Council meeting on Thursday, Nov. 16, prior to the City Council vote on its resolution for Picture Main Street. According to Judy Herrell of Save Northampton Main Street, “we simply want to offer an alternative plan, which includes much of the city’s design, but has some alternative features.”

In response to Save Northampton’s Main Street’s request, City Council President Jim Nash will bring up a motion to hear the presentation. If the motion gets seconded from another council member and the vote is in favor of listening, John DiBartolo will present Save Northampton’s Main Street’s alternative plan to the City Council.