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MONSON — Monson Savings Bank recently presented a $5,000 donation to Leo Williams, president and CEO of Springfield Neighborhood Housing Services.

The mission of Springfield Neighborhood Housing Services is to help transform the lives of families living in Springfield and revitalize the city’s distressed neighborhoods through sustainable homeownership and resident empowerment. The organization’s vision is for homeownership to be an affordable choice, especially for people of color living in the Western Mass. region. Springfield Neighborhood Housing Services believes this will allow for the communities to grow in knowledge and wealth, empowering future residents, community leaders, and business owners.

Monson Savings Bank’s corporate donation to Springfield Neighborhood Housing Services is consistent with the bank’s track record of being a community advocate and financial resource to community members.

“On behalf of everyone at Monson Savings Bank, we are extremely pleased to make this donation to the Springfield Neighborhood Housing Services,” said Dan Moriarty, president and CEO of Monson Savings Bank. “We are proud to be able to support this great organization that works so hard to help people in the communities we serve to obtain homeownership, in turn contributing to overall revitalization of local neighborhoods.”

The bank has remained focused on supporting efforts to revitalize distressed communities, and likewise recognizes the importance of homeownership and how it relates to the betterment of neighborhoods and residents living in those neighborhoods.

“Monson Savings’ mission, values, and vision align with those of the Springfield Neighborhood Housing Services,” said Dina Merwin, the bank’s senior vice president, chief risk and senior compliance officer. “We are dedicated to supporting our communities and the lives of residents in any way that we can. We know that homeownership has been shown to not only increase the quality of life for the homeowner and their family, but also for the neighborhood as a whole.”

Williams added that “Springfield Neighborhood Housing Services is thankful to Monson Savings Bank for their donation in support of our mission. This money will be put to good use as we continue to empower our neighbors through homeownership and transform our communities.”