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DEERFIELD — On Friday, Sept. 30, state Sen. Jo Comerford and state Rep. Natalie Blais will celebrate Worthington Assembly Inc. (WAi) in Deerfield for its outstanding leadership in the manufacturing industry.

Comerford and Blais nominated WAi for the Massachusetts Legislative Manufacturing Caucus’ annual Manufacturing Award. Originally founded in 1976, WAi is an electronics contract manufacturing company specializing in producing printed circuit-board assemblies and small final box build assemblies. WAi services and produces assemblies for clean technologies, additive manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, high-speed communication, the medical field, and advanced robotic manufacturers.

“For sure, we have a different kind of manufacturing company, one without supervisors and a traditional ladder structure,” WAi co-owner Neil Scanlon said. “We operate a lattice-structure organization where team members are truly empowered to make decisions. We are trying to humanize manufacturing; our goal is to have team members arrive each day excited and ready to serve each other and our customers. The strategy appears to be working as we continue to grow our team and our customer base.”

The Massachusetts Legislative Manufacturing Caucus held the 7th annual Manufacturing Awards at Polar Park in Worcester on Sept. 16. Comerford and Blais will also visit WAi and congratulate WAi co-owners Scanlon and Rafal Dybacki and their team on Sept. 30 at 10 a.m. at WAi’s facility at 14 Industrial Dr. East in South Deerfield.

“Since 1976, Worthington Assembly Inc. has served as a leader in electronics assembly,” Comerford said. “I’m proud to represent this long-standing regional business in the Senate and to join with Representative Natalie Blais to nominate it for the Legislature’s annual Manufacturing Award for outstanding leadership in the manufacturing industry.”

Added Blais, “our region has a proud manufacturing history, and I am honored to join Senator Jo Comerford in celebrating Worthington Assembly Inc.’s contributions to the local economy.”