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Amp Up Your Wealth

Sometimes, It’s a Matter of Simply Applying Some Science to the Equation

You’re just not making the money you should. Your revenue is plateauing, that raise you were expecting hasn’t come through, and your multi-level/real-estate/Web-site/cash-flow marketing scheme is in the red. You’ve been looking hard for the levers that will take you to greater financial success, but so far — despite buying lots of books and CDs from the gurus — they’ve eluded you. How can you access and ‘turn on’ the financial possibilities available to you?

While the concepts are unfamiliar to most, the universe has so much to teach us about amplifying our financial possibilities into real, tangible wealth. On a constant basis, the universe is amplifying quantum possibility into this three-dimensional reality that we call home. The chair you’re sitting in and the walls around you are merely collections of energy that have been encouraged to hold their formations until such time as a more powerful suggestion comes along. Your financial situation is a collection of energy, possibilities, and probabilities that are manifesting as tangible results in your life. How can you gain control of this energy and create additional abundance for yourself?

Science indicates that you have the power to choose and amplify your financial possibilities into reality using the same methodologies the universe uses; the only thing holding you back is a misalignment with your dreams and goals. Here are some tips from science to focus your efforts and turn on your amplification powers full-force.

Observe and Choose. When scientists watch subatomic particles in quantum-physics experiments, they behave differently than when no one is watching. Our conscious observation causes an unexplainable reaction, but one that definitely exists. In our everyday world, observation alone modifies outcome. It has been demonstrated to improve patient care, training outcomes, customer service, and even the cleanliness of hotel rooms. So, the first step to amplifying your wealth is to observe the available possibilities and survey the possible wealth landscape.

What will your life look like when your financial dreams have come true? Spend time exploring your options, and then select those possibilities that you will amplify into reality. It’s important to be specific because, if you don’t know what you want, the universe won’t be able to provide support to your creative process.

For example, if you would like to generate more revenue in your business, determine how much more, and by when. If you’d like to get that raise, determine the amount that you’ll take home in your paycheck every pay period, and the date of the first check showing the difference. Record your selections in writing. You might want to make a photocopy of your paycheck, modify the numbers, and pin it up on your desk as a reminder that this is what you are in the process of creating. The simple process of observing that symbolic check every day will create focus and attention.

Create a belief-management system. The science of epigenetics is the study of environmental forces that can modify the way your genes express themselves. These forces include your diet, your surroundings, your relationships, and your beliefs. It’s your beliefs that determine whether you feel safe or threatened, and that determination sets up one of two conditions in your body: growth mode or protection mode. In growth mode, the body participates in creative processes required for life, such as building new cells and proteins. In protection mode, nothing new is built, and all energy is funneled to the emergency systems. If you’re feeling stressed most of the time, you are primarily in protection mode. And if you’re stressed over creating wealth, you’re setting yourself up to be unable to support your wealth-creation process. By aligning your beliefs with your goals, you can not only reduce stress, but reduce self-sabotaging behaviors as well.

So, what are your beliefs about money? You may believe, for example, that you don’t deserve it. You may believe that managing more money will be burdensome and will require a lot of work. You may believe that having more money will cause you to lose friendships, or will take time from your kids. If you are struggling to create more wealth, it’s likely that you have some unexamined beliefs sabotaging your efforts. Regularly reviewing your beliefs, discarding those that don’t serve you, and choosing new beliefs that support your vision will reduce friction in your efforts.

Leverage the environment. The universe’s method for selecting which quantum possibilities will be amplified into reality is called decoherence. The most robust and stable options available will be amplified. Robust possibilities are those that have lots of information about them in the environment, whereas stable possibilities are those that are consistent over time. You can make your financial possibilities robust and stable, too. To create information in the environment about your vision of abundance, you can tell people about it, write about it, visualize it happening, and take actions that are in alignment with it.

If your vision is to grow your company’s revenues 20% by year’s end, for example, hold a staff meeting and tell your employees. Plan for the tax implications. Break the annual goal down into monthly goals, and chart your progress against those goals daily or weekly. Tell associates about your intention, and ask for their support via referrals or leads. Tell customers that you’re growing, and that you want them to be a part of that growth. Write a sales plan. Modify sales compensation to line up with your vision. To bring stability to your vision, do these sorts of things consistently over time. Live every day as if your vision has already come true, and the universe will know you’re serious.

Measure yourself correctly. Quantum physicists have discovered that they can slow down or speed up subatomic processes just by measuring them. The way they measure and what they measure will determine whether they impede or accelerate the process. You measure yourself every day, and you’re probably much better at catching yourself when you mess up, fail, or fall short than when you’ve done something wonderful. Do you think those negative measurements slow down your progress toward your dreams, or speed it up? If you said ‘slow down,’ you’d be right.

By constantly recording, mentally or otherwise, that you are not yet where you intend to be creates a drag on your wealth amplification process that will slow you down. Instead, take the time each day to recognize and record the positive steps you’ve taken toward to creating the abundant life of your dreams. Even the smallest steps count, such as five minutes visualizing, one phone call to an inactive client, or putting even $1 into your savings account. Take these positive measurements regularly, and you will accelerate the creation of wealth in your life.

Throughout history, humans have amplified their possibilities into reality. We are so good at it, in fact, that we can make even the impossible come true. Your dreams for abundance are valuable and uniquely yours, and you are worthy of experiencing them in reality. Stay true to your vision, apply this science, and watch your financial situation blossom.