Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of August 2019.


Amherst College
220 South Pleasant St.
$512,522 — Replace existing air-handling unit

Jones Properties, LP
34 Spring St.
$29,000 — Roofing

Northampton Cooperative Bank
390 College St.
$6,600 — Replace cubicle wall with wall to ceiling, fixed laminate glass with door

Northland Builders, LLC
188 East Hadley Road, Unit 156A
$40,000 — Office renovation

Sixty-Nine Ninety-One Main St.
79-91 Main St.
$48,750 — Roofing

Slobody Development Corp.
85 University Dr.
$374,000 — Build-out existing building for medical-marijuana facility

Town of Amherst
76 Mill Lane
$1,000,000 — Demolish and install playscapes, splash pad, new walk, trees, landscaping, shed, pavilion, and three shade sails at Groff Park

Trolley Barn Development, LLC
68 Cowls Road
$6,000 — HVAC work


672 Fuller, LLC
672 Fuller Road
$11,625 — Retrofit existing sprinkler system to new tenant fit-out

Meadow Street Partners, LLP
307 Meadow St.
$15,000 — Install partition wall, install new overhead door, replace two existing overhead doors

Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield
534 Front St.
$594,820 — Roof replacement at St. Stanislaus School


259 Pine Nook Road
$8,500 — Shed


Eastworks, LLP
116 Pleasant St.
Install projecting wall sign

Hilltown Cooperative Charter Public School
1 Industrial Parkway
Install wall sign


Ronald Paasch, M.D.
265B Benton Dr.
$3,600 — Sign at Pioneer Spine & Sports Physicians

Town of East Longmeadow
175 Mapleshade Ave.
$96,000 — Doors at Mapleshade School

Town of East Longmeadow
150 Somers Road
$6,782 — Roof overlay at Fire Department


Community Action of the Franklin, Hampshire, and North Quabbin Regions, LLC
326 Deerfield St.
$29,646 — Install solar panels on roof

Greenfield Dental
126 High St.
Erect free-standing sign

Greenfield KMW, LLC
107 Verde Dr.
$10,000 — Install ductwork


Amherst Development Assoc., LLC
329 Russell St.
$25,000 — Telecommunications equipment swap

I.M. Real Estate, LLC
10 Mill Valley Road
$1,800 — Roofing

W/S Hadley Properties II, LLC
353 Russell St.
$4,000 — Wall-mounted sign

W/S Hadley Properties II, LLC
7 South Maple St.
$291,000 — New tenant fit-out for fitness gym


Davidson Family Nominee Trust
2 Crystal St.
$1,500 — Replace back stairs

MRG CRW Holdings, LLC
55 Lee Road
$10,000 — Install fire-suppression systems in kitchens

Valley Mill Corp.
60 Willow Creek Road
$200,000 — Construct new garage as accessory to Lenox Valley Waste Transfer Facility


Bell Atlantic Mobile of Mass. Corp., Ltd.
307 Academy Dr.
$20,000 — Removing antennas and remote radio units; install antennas, remote radio units, and hybrid fiber cables

GPT Longmeadow, LLC
674 Bliss Road
$137,772 — Convert tenant space to med spa

GPT Longmeadow, LLC
722 Bliss Road
$4,500 — New sign for Posto Restaurant


Richard Cooper, Catherine Cooper
3 Main St.
$20,000 — Demolish bike shop

Kendrick Properties
53 Clark Ave.
$22,400 — Repair columns in basement

Northampton Montessori Society
51 Bates St.
$8,766 — Remove modular building

Safe Journey, LLC
13 Munroe St.
$63,000 — Enclose existing porch for three-season room


600 Berkshire Ave., LLC
616 Berkshire Ave.
$30,000 — Demolish building

600 Berkshire Ave., LLC
616 Berkshire Ave.
$24,000 — Demolish building

Tania Barber
142 Hancock St.
$28,000 — Modify commercial building for use as a church

Boston Road/Pasco Rt. 20 Retail, LLC
1340 Boston Road
$70,000 — Partial demolition of front and rear portions of former carpet warehouse

J & J Verge Street, LLC
190 Verge St.
$43,565 — Alter interior space at Fighting Arts Academy for architectural access compliant restrooms, small changing room, and mechanical room

Liberty Medical Building Associates
125 Liberty St.
$17,623 — Alter former office space for new accessible toilet room and replace two door openings with accessible doors on first floor

RR & Co.
169 Maple St.
$38,785 — Roofing

Springfield Investors, LLC
1105 Boston Road
$225,000 — Alter commercial tenant space for use as dental office


Kanzaki Specialty Paper Co.
20 Cummings St.
$10,500 — Remove and replace stairs and platforms

ReEnergy Ware, LLC
198 East St.
$25,000 — Modify equipment for T-Mobile at existing cell site


274 Westfield Street, LP
274 Westfield St.
$38,000 — Remove and replace exterior doors with sliders

Agri-Mark Inc.
958 Riverdale St.
$209,965 — Remove and dispose of three silos, replace concrete slabs, reconfigure catwalks, install new access ladder, install new silos

Anderson Cleaning Realty, LLC
103 Wayside Ave.
$50,000 — Update old offices and kitchenette; remove and replace doors, trim, toilets, and vanities; patch and paint drywall; clean HVAC

Balise Automotive Realty
122 Doty Circle
$82,500 — Roofing

Briarwood Fifteen, LLC
109 Ashley Ave.
$60,000 — Roofing

Century Investment Co.
95 Ashley Ave.
$15,000 — Erect walls to separate office spaces, add individual entrances

Eastern States Exposition
1305 Memorial Ave.
$45,000 — Construct partitions, replace exterior doors

Westside 55 Circuit, LLC
55 Circuit Ave.
$12,000 — Remove and dispose of silos and conveyor from west side of building


Kyung Won Kim
Stony Hill Road
$61,595 — Roofing