Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of September 2021. (Filings are limited due to closures or reduced staffing hours at municipal offices due to COVID-19 restrictions).


Chicopee Boys Club Inc.
580 Meadow St.
$253,600 — Demolish press box, construct pre-engineered metal building

Chicopee Child Development
989 James St.
$44,999 — Roofing

Chicopee Tower Nominee Trust
481 Center St.
$35,000 — Dish Wireless to place three antennas, six remote radio units, one junction box, and one cable at RAD on self-support tower

Guardian Property Management
17 Adams St.
$1,128.79 — Modify existing fire-alarm system, install cellular communicator for fire-alarm monitoring, replace heat detectors on exterior porches

Guardian Property Management
27 Adams St.
$1,128.79 — Modify existing fire-alarm system, install cellular communicator for fire-alarm monitoring, replace heat detectors on exterior porches

Main Street Property
340 McKinstry Ave.
$30,000 — Remove sand-storage silo, infill roof framing and decking, patch roof

Jeffrey Neece, Theresa Neece
70 Maple St.
$12,500 — Repair building walls and ceilings after remediation and mold treatment resulting from water entering building from tropical storm

Prime Communications AT&T
601 Memorial Dr., Suite D
$22,000 — Paint inside of store, install carpet squares, set up fixtures

Public Storage Properties XVII
31 Jamrog Dr.
$70,000 — Dish Wireless to install antennas, ancillary tower, and ground equipment at unmanned wireless facility

Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield
534 Front St.
$1,000 — Install freezer

Benjamin Surner Jr.
7 Coburn St.
$116,000 — F&S Real Estate to reinforce several roof carrying beams


CBR Realty Corp.
195 Russell St.
N/A — Install exterior door in Tandem Bagel office

Philip Goulet
331 Russell St.
N/A — Change name of business on existing sign

Hadley Elmwood, LLC
102 Russell St.
N/A — Remove non-load-bearing partition wall, paint and patch walls

Walter Wanczyk Jr.
180 Russell St.
N/A — Roofing


Anthony Caropreso
35 Consolati Way
$35,000 — Roofing


Hillcrest Educational Center
349 Old Stockbridge Road
$20,000 — Replace rear exterior courtyard stairs

Lenox Collection, LLC
7 Hubbard St.
$15,000 — Roofing


Colvest Northampton, LLC
303 King St.
$125,000 — Tenant buildout for new physical-therapy tenant

Herrick Mill, LLC
1 Short St.
$17,500 — Convert office space to apartment

Meadowbrook Preservation Associates Limited Partnership
491 Bridge Road
$616,000 — Roofing

Northampton Recreation Department
Bridge Street
$9,000 — Replace dugout at Sheldon Field

Pombridge Manor, LLC
5 Pomeroy Ter,
$54,903 — Three electric-vehicle charging units

Southpaw Properties, LLC
35 North Main St.
$25,400 — Roofing

Speedway, LLC
237 King St.
$15,000 — Marquee face replacement and five LED pump toppers


AM Management, LLC
235 East St.
$10,000 — Install water line from street to building

Christopher Barbarotta
131 Fenn St.
$4,000 — Remove old rooted beam and install new post and beam

Berkshire Theatre Festival Inc.
109 South St.
$176,144 — Roofing

Holiday Inn & Suites Pittsfield
1 West St.
$14,500 — Door replacements and alterations

One Hundred Five Elm Street, LLC
105 Elm St.
$2,200 — Cut door opening in wall

Joseph Renzi
117 Fenn St.
$3,000 — Add heat detectors in business, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors in apartment

Scarafoni Associates
235 Tyler St.
$150,000 — Roofing


Felix Almonte
19 Albemarle St.
$35,015.93 — Install solar panels to roof of detatched garage

750 Boston Road
$46,000 — Alter interior of Marlee’s for accessible restroom, vestibule, new bar area, and dividing wall

Pioneer Valley Hotel Group
100 Congress St.
$125,000 — Roofing

The Republican Co.
1860 Main St.
$7,500 — Install fire-alarm system for 6 Bricks marijuana dispensary

Springfield Cemetery
171 Maple St.
$810,433 — Addition to Dorcas Chapin Chapel and crematory building at Springfield Cemetery

Thi Tai
200 Dickinson St.
$20,000 — Roofing at Cathy Beauty Supply


SBA Towers IX, LLC
720 Ridge Road
$65,000 — Dish Wireless to install three antennas and associated equipment at existing SBA cell site