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Chamber of Greater Easthampton Holds Board Retreat

EASTHAMPTON — The Chamber of Greater Easthampton held its annual board retreat to discuss the organization’s vision, mission, and goals for the upcoming year. The retreat focused on the chamber’s commitment to supporting local businesses, advocating for economic growth, providing educational resources, fostering connections, and promoting leadership and innovation in the community.

“Amid constant change, the chamber remains steadfast in its commitment to helping businesses succeed,” said Laurie Lamoureux, president of the chamber’s board of directors. “Our board retreat allowed us to reflect on our achievements and plan for the future to ensure that we continue to serve our members and community effectively.”

The retreat included exercises and presentations on key topics such as advocacy for small businesses, educational opportunities for entrepreneurs, fostering connections between businesses, and developing leadership skills. Participants discussed strategies for promoting innovation and adapting to new challenges in the business world.

“The chamber’s focus on innovation and vision is particularly critical in today’s rapidly changing economy,” said Moe Belliveau, executive director. “We must continue to find new ways to support our members and help them stay ahead of the curve.”