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Different Leaf Magazine Announces Premiere Issue

NORTHAMPTON — July marks the publication of the premiere issue of Different Leaf magazine, a journal of cannabis culture. Targeted to readers 45 and over, Different Leaf’s editorial content covers the rapidly evolving cannabis industry in Massachusetts and makes it accessible for consumers who are new to cannabis and those looking for new ways to integrate it into their lives.

Launching with a quarterly publication schedule, regular features in Different Leaf will include “Merch + More,” a roundup of cannabis products from Massachusetts and beyond including smoking accessories, THC and CBD products, and books. The back of the book contains practical, educational information on using cannabis for health and wellness, cooking, nutrition, fitness, sexuality, pets, and more.

Features will look in depth at innovators in the industry, medical news, and social and cultural issues surrounding the legalization of cannabis. The premiere issue’s features include a profile of legendary cannabis activist and Harvard professor Lester Grinspoon, an exploration of equity and social justice in the cannabis industry told through interviews with entrepreneurs looking to open stores, and a visit to 3Jane, a secretive crypto-anarchist computer bulletin board for cannabis growers in Vermont who are confronting their own transition to a legal market.

“For those of us who have the experience of purchasing cannabis flower from someone operating in the traditional market, generally we had to accept what was offered. Interacting with and understanding the hundreds of legal products on sale in the typical dispensary can be an overwhelming experience,” said Michael Kusek, founder and publisher. “When I had the idea to start a cannabis magazine, I gravitated toward a gap existing in cannabis media and set out to create a guide for those of us who have limited or no experience and are looking for quality, well-researched information on the full spectrum of adult and medical uses for cannabis.”

Different Leaf will depart from the more traditional publishing model of posting text-based content online and will instead launch a companion podcast series with the October issue. The podcast will expand on the topics in the print magazine and delve into issues and stories that don’t mesh with a print publication timetable. A calendar of events that tie into the print publication is also planned.

Kusek founded the award-winning arts and culture magazine Take, published from 2014 to 2017. The bulk of his creative team of designers, writers, photographers, and illustrators who created Take will also be on the team creating this new publication.

Different Leaf will publish quarterly and will be available at Massachusetts dispensaries, independent book stores, natural food stores, and boutiques, as well as by subscription. More information is available at www.differentleaf.com.