DBA Certificates

Doing Business as Certificates

The following business certificates and/or trade names were issued or renewed during the months of April and May 2021. (Filings are limited due to closures or reduced staffing hours at municipal offices due to COVID-19 restrictions).


Back Alley BBQ
12 Railroad St.
Nathan Lynde

Hoop City Brewing
12 Railroad St.
Aloyce Assenga, Eva-Eliaike Mbuya

K Dog Auto Sales
670 River Road
Kevin Bourbeau

Steadfast Life Consulting
6 Stage Road
Jill Medina Elizalde


Cheesy Street Grill – Western MA
367 Russell St.
Jon Oligino

Happier Valley Comedy
1 Mill Valley Road
Scott Braidman

Kendrick Property Management
2 Bay Road, Suite 200
Donna Golec

Weber’s Lawn Equipment Repair
34 North Maple St.
Rodney Weber


Brenda Cuoco & Associates Real Estate Brokerage
714 Bliss Road
Brenda Cuoco

Daly Appraisal Services
24 Birnie Road
James Daly

Dugubrown Construction, LLC
108 Bel Air Dr.
Joseph Aimua

375 Pinewood Dr.
Franca Conway

Joslad & Associates Civil Engineering Consultants
108 Bel Air Dr.
Joseph Aimua

LJCD Associates, LLC
678 Converse St.
Donald Nault

Professional Massage Works, LLC
1200 Converse St., Suite 204
Andrea Ott

RJ’s Complete Tree Service
120 Wimbleton Dr.
Joshua Rodriguez


Fortuna Publica Studio
581 Burts Pit Road
Stephanie Arroyo

Good Alchemy Lands
22 Bright St.
Benjamin Covino

Katherine (Kate) Klemer
376 Pleasant St.
Kate Klemer

Liberal Arts
236 Pleasant St.
Jennifer Carr

Munificent Scribbler Press
95 Laurel Park
Tira Pandolf

Northeast Greenway Solutions
62 Chestnut St.
Craig Della Penna

Pho Boston
311 Riverside Dr.
Trinh Nguyen

108 Main St.
Anna Bowen

Strom Remodeling
80 Damon Road
Richard Strom

Sugar Maple Trailside Inn
62 Chestnut St.
Craig Della Penna, Kathleen Della Penna


KJ Landworks
208 South Loomis St.
Joshua Arnett

Salon Amici
515 College Highway
Susan Allen


Bitcoin Depot
397 Little River Road
Lux Vending, LLC

Bombshelly Vintage
32 White St.
Lynn Wegiel

Full Gospel Christian School
110 Union St.
Kristina Podzemelnova

99 Springfield Road
7C Diamonds Inc.

Hang-Rite Gutter Installation Co.
37 South Meadow Road
CKG Gutters, LLC

Jay’s Property Services
33 West Silver St.
Jay Larsen II

Jolene Hamilton, PhD
571 Granville Road
Jolene Hamilton

Katt’s Creations
35 Jeanne Marie Dr.
Yekaterina Panasyuk

Mam’s Creations Handmade
5 East Bartlett St.
Mayra Matos

MJH Carpenters & Contractors
41 Crown St.
Michael Helbling

Mr. Easy Shop Store
126 Union St.
Marianne Ramos

24 North Elm St.
Samuel Thresher

NE Billing
15 Noble Ave., Apt. 1
Brittany Gum

New England Ammonia Safety Inc.
29 Salvator Dr.
James Burke

Pioneer Valley Property Services
87 Franklin St.
Mark Slayton

Scorzi’s Auto Detailing
270 Munger Hill Road
Richard Scorzafava

Sergey Mitev Music Studio
70 Fairfield Ave.
Sergey Mitev

Susan’s Discount Travel
33 Woodcliff Dr.
Susan Williams

Ultimate Floors
18 Cara Lane
Seth Lakin


Cyber Exchange
1053 Riverdale St.
Stephen Buynicki

Hair and Nail Co.
1346 Elm St.
Maria Siciliano, Pamela Frappier

Jiffy Lube #2561
788 Memorial Ave.
Albert Chance

Law Offices of Michael Harty
698 Westfield St.
Michael Harty

160 Baldwin St.
Dawn Nooney

135 Memorial Ave.
Richard Nedway

Sefa C. Ongun Uber Lyft DoorDash
132 Birnie Ave.
Sefa Ongun

Springfield Lumber Co.
202 Day St.
Joseph Musco

Stella’s Bones
640 Elm St.
Lesley Maple

USA Medical Supply Inc.
1779 Riverdale St.
Richard Spafford

Your Story Counseling, LLC
116 Ely Ave.
Jennifer Lingenberg

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