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Funding Secured for Lupa Zoo 

LUDLOW — On April 18, opening day at Lupa Zoo, state Sen. Eric Lesser and state Rep. Jacob Oliveira announced $100,000 in funding for American Disabilities Act (ADA) handicapped accessibility improvements, general operations, and expanded virtual opportunities to meet the needs of the pandemic. 

Lupa Zoo is a 20-acre conservation and education institution demonstrating the value, beauty, and interdependence of all living things. 

“I am proud to present this funding to Lupa Zoo, a Ludlow institution dedicated to conservation, education, and connecting our community to animals,” said Lesser “The park does important work protecting our wildlife and providing fun and educational programming in our community, and I am glad to see its mission continue.” 

Said Oliveira, “as a life-long Ludlow resident, Lupa Zoo is a fixture in our community bringing joy to families throughout New England. The pandemic was hard on many community zoos, that is why I am pleased to present funding secured by the House & Senate as they upgrade their facilities and programming for this new season.”