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MCLA to Host Community Panel, ‘How to Speak About Peace,’ on Nov. 30

NORTH ADAMS — MCLA faculty and staff invite the campus and North Adams community to a panel discussion on Thursday, Nov. 30, titled “How to Speak About Peace,” to discuss urgent calls for a permanent ceasefire in Palestine.

The discussion will start at 7 p.m. in Murdock Hall Room 218. Panelists include Associate Professor of Anthropology Mohamad Junaid, Associate Professor of English & Communications Victoria Papa, Assistant Professor of Art History and Museum Studies Eunice Uhm, Associate Professor of Modern Language Mariana Bolivar, and Assistant Professor of Psychology Carter Carter. The discussion will be moderated by Assistant Professor of English & Communications Caren Beilin, interim director of the Mind’s Eye, an initiative featuring interdisciplinary academic programming.

“As an educational institution with scholarly expertise in our community, one thing we can do to try to cope with the unfolding events is to gather for conversation and to contend with current events,” MCLA President James Birge stated in a message to the campus community. “It is notable that this panel includes Jewish, Arab, and Muslim faculty members and those whose research addresses many of these intertwined topics. I encourage our community’s participation in this important conversation.”

This community panel is a follow-up and continuation of the previous panel about the war in Israel and Gaza. This comes after a weekend of violence that took place in Burlington, Vt. involving three Palestinian college students.

“We must continue to talk with one another about peace, to find the words, and indeed the information, to speak and act on this urgent issue,” Beilin said.