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Original Car Detailing Open for Business in Agawam

AGAWAM — Original Car Detailing and its mobile auto-detailing operation recently pulled into shop space at 71 South Ramah Circle in Agawam. The move has allowed owner Nick Riccitelli and his team to expand their operation and provide more services this winter.

Original Car Detailing (OCD) has an expanded menu that includes ceramic coatings, remote starters, heated seats, winter prep packages, and vehicle cleaning and sanitizing, along with its continued mobile detailing services.

“People don’t realize how important it is to protect their vehicles and equipment, especially against a New England winter. With our new shop, we can offer a higher level of protection for our customers and continue our services on mobile job sites as well,” Riccitelli said. “Road salt, sand, and other contaminants left on paint or interior surfaces causes damage that takes a lot of time and money to reverse after the fact.”

In New England, experts recommend a wash every two weeks at minimum during winter, he added, more often if the vehicle is driven on chemically treated roadways after a snowstorm. Preventive treatments such as the System X ceramic-coating application creates an aerospace-grade molecular structure on paint that results in the resistance of corrosives, especially road de-icing chemicals, preventing them from causing damage

“We know a lot of people would go to Connecticut or the eastern side of the state for ceramic coatings,” Riccitelli said. “It’s great to be able to offer these services here and keep the business local.”

A shortage of new cars and trucks has put an emphasis on vehicle maintenance, as people are now keeping their cars longer than ever. Protecting and enhancing the appearance of customers’ vehicles, including commercial fleets and equipment, allows for a much longer service life, reducing overall costs to the owner substantially, he noted. Original Car Detailing offers trade-in reconditioning packages to provide more leverage for its customers when selling or trading in their cars or trucks. The packages also minimize any additional condition fees when turning in leased vehicles.

“Agawam has been such a welcoming community to join — we have the greatest neighbors,” Riccitelli said. “Starting a small business during the pandemic has had its challenges, but the community response at Ramah Circle and throughout Western Mass. keeps Original Car Detailing revved up.”