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Sen. Gomez Announces Grant for Springfield Public Schools

BOSTON — State Sen. Adam Gomez joined the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education on Monday in announcing a grant award of $20,000 for the Springfield Public Schools as part of the Healey-Driscoll administration’s FY 2024 Strengthening Family-School Partnership Grant.

Having served as Senate chair of the Joint Committee on Children, Families, and Persons with Disabilities last session, Gomez had this to say on the grant: “I am pleased to see the release of these funds to the Springfield Public School system, where they may be used to strengthen our response to issues at home and facilitate better results in the classroom. Home and community life play a large role in academic performance, and this grant reflects the administration’s attention to these issues and willingness to provide the needed resources to strengthen engagement.”

The Strengthening Family-School Partnership grant aims to allow school and districts leaders to make a clear and transparent commitment to equitable family engagement. School and district leaders will encourage school staff and families to build and strengthen authentic and trusted relationships, bringing families and educators together for dual capacity building while leveraging the strengths of both.