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Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of March 2019.


57 East Pleasant St., LLC
57 East Pleasant
$46,700 — Renovate existing meeting rooms

Central Amherst Realty Trust
51 East Pleasant St.
$6,000 — Remove wall, install sinks, move gas lines, resurface bar

Gillen Development Corp.
401 Main St.
$3,200 — Relocate two interior doors, install shower

The Green Tree Family, LP
85 North Whitney St.
$14,000 — Construct four offices within existing separation

Roula Kofides
363 Main St.
$2,000 — Replace damaged entry door

Mosaic Real Estate Amherst, LLC
169 Meadow St.
$125,000 — Renovate space for phase 2 of medical waiting and display room

One East Pleasant St.
1 East Pleasant St.
$145,00 — Restaurant buildout


4 Perkins, LLC
165 Front St.
$30,000 — Construct two Hollywood-type sets

Center Group, LLC
13 Center St.
$12,000 — Remove existing kitchen hood and install new hood and ductwork

Chicopee Boys Club Inc.
580 Meadow St.
$1,500 — Add non-bearing walls to create lobby space within existing larger lobby

Chicopee Tower Nominee Trust
481 Center St.
$25,000 — Install wireless communications equipment on existing tower and within existing equipment shelter


Angel Properties
3 Sugarloaf St.
$6,000 — Interior renovations


155 Northampton, Easthampton
155 Northampton St.
$1,283,250 — Interior renovations, renovate storefront enclosure

Eastworks, LLP
116 Pleasant St.
$10,000 — Oversee installation of new elevator equipment


American Tower Corp.
30 Benton Dr.
$25,000 — Cell site modification

99 Restaurant
390 Main St.
$12,000 — Repair automobile damage

LG Industries, LLC
194 Pleasant St.
$25,000 — Basement

Town of East Longmeadow
60 Center Square
$25,000 — Renovate bathroom and break room


Baystate Franklin Medical Center
164 High St.
$230,870 — Reconfigure interior of Emergency Department to install bathroom and shower for behavioral-health pod

One Arch Place Inc.
46 Wells St.
$10,000 — Construct interior walls, new bathroom

Town of Greenfield
298 Federal St.
$336,000 — Construct interior wall partitions, suspended ceiling


Parmar & Sons
24 Bay Road
Two directional signs and one wall sign at Homewood Suites

Sandri Development Inc.
457 Russell St.
$262,000 — Install new siding, windows, and doors; redo parking lot and sidewalks; and renovate interior to convert former gas station into retail facility

W/S Hadley Properties II, LLC
337 Russell St.
New wall sign and alter tenant panel in existing ground sign at Marshalls


GPT Longmeadow, LLC
674 Bliss Road
$135,000 — Exterior renovations to former Bertucci’s restaurant

GPT Longmeadow, LLC
674 Bliss Road
$125,000 — Interior upgrades to dining area, bar area, and bathrooms at former Bertucci’s restaurant

Longmeadow Historic Preservation
734 Longmeadow St.
$1,014,000 — Construct office spaces in former single-family home


Billmar Corp.
330 North King St.
$16,906 — Install new electric door at entrance

City of Northampton
123 Haydenville Road
$2,000 — Replace three antennas and add ancillary equipment to telecommunications tower at Smith School

City of Northampton
125 Locust St.
$11,368 — Re-roof storage building for Department of Public Works

City of Northampton
300 North Main St.
$143,000 — Removate two bathrooms at Pines Theater in Look Memorial Park

City of Northampton
6 Water St.
$5,688 — Re-roof building for Water Department

Five College Realtors
92 Main St.
$2,800 — Illuminated wall sign (side)

Five College Realtors
92 Main St.
$2,800 — Illuminated wall sign (front)

P + Q, LLC
110 Main St.
$1,000 — Non-illuminated wall sign for Coldwell Banker

Saga Communication of New England Inc.
15 Hampton Ave.
$12,500 — Install new drop ceiling in conference room, install refrigerator in break room

Konstantinos Sierros
99 Main St.
$8,000 — Remove staircase, construct walk-in keg cooler for JJ’s Tavern


JJC Materials, LLC
153 Breckenridge St.
$7,668,000 — Install ground-mount solar array

Yummy Asian
1033 Thorndike St.
$13,931.29 — Install new hibachi, including non-structural wall; hood, ductwork, and wet chemical fire suppression; and CO- and smoke-detection system


Blue Tarp Redevelopment, LLC
12 MGM Way
$2,000,000 — Alter existing gaming floor area at MGM Springfield for casino island bar

Colebrook Partners South, LLC
511 East Columbus Ave.
$993,000 — Alter tenant pharmacy space, Springfield CTC

Michele Hagan
1930 Wilbraham Road
$30,000 — Interior demolition for future buildout for New Valley Bank

SCP 2001 A-CSF-27, LLC
370 St. James Ave.
$124,700 — Interior renovations and lab upgrades at CVS

SCP 2001 A-CSF-27, LLC
970 St. James Ave.
$124,000 — Interior renovations and lab upgrades at CVS

Springfield MA Post Office Employees Credit Union
264 Brookdale Dr.
$224,360 — Alter interior space in basement and first floor for Pioneer Valley Credit Union


Town of West Springfield
255 Interstate Dr.
$20,000 — Replace three existing antennas


Town of Wilbraham
28 Springfield St.
$31,975 — Repair existing ramp at rear entrance

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of December 2018.


660 Broadway, LLC
670 Broadway
$16,000 — Convert building for use as Domino’s Pizza; lighting upgrade, separate front lobby from production area, reface exterior sign, new lobby tile and wall tile in production area

Chicopee Falls Polish Home
27 Grove St.

Christy Real Estate, LLC
710 Fuller Road
$65,800 — Roofing and related work


Allied Floor
55 North Main St.
$2,850 — Two signs

443 Shaker Road
$152,855 — Concrete slab

42 Center Square
Sprinkler system

Go Graphix
31 Benton Dr.
$53,325 — Roofing

St. Mark’s Church
1 Porter Road
$3,250 — Wood stove


F & G, LLC
34 Water Lane
$2,000 — Repair shed in rear yard

Norwich Properties
123-133 Union St.
$4,500 — Install fence along sidewalk

Terah Properties, LLP
81 East St.
$57,500 — Roofing


Rosenberg Property, LLC
311 Wells St.
$8,365 — Strip and replace shingles on addition, install new vinyl siding and trim over existing siding, install new ridge vent

Steven Schechterle
402 Federal St.
$10,000 — Install two windows, put up stone veneer and vinyl shakes on storefront

St. James Episcopal Church
8 Church St.
$10,000 — Install insulation on attic floor and basement rim

Syfeld Greenfield Associates
259 Mohawk Trail
Erect sign attached to building, erect sign on existing free-standing pylon


Peter Cooney
Ely Road
$14,400 — Demolish accessory building (barn)

First Church of Christ
763 Longmeadow St.
$20,000 — Add fence

GPT Longmeadow, LLC
666 Bliss Road
$17,369 — Roofing

Town of Longmeadow
62 Wolf Swamp Road
$102,700 — Replace cast-iron sectional boiler


Andrew Adams and Joya Adams
185 Main St.
$1,050 — Non-illuminated sign for Tim’s Used Books

Blue Sky Real Estate, LLC
269-271 Main St.
$6,000 — Roofing

Castle Pines, LLC
344 King St.
$1,000 — Illuminated clearance sign for Burger King

Castle Pines, LLC
344 King St.
$1,000 — Illuminated order-station sign for Burger King

Castle Pines, LLC
344 King St.
$1,000 — Illuminated wall sign for Burger King

City of Northampton
240 Main St.
$9,000 — Erect two columns in basement for limited first-floor repairs

City of Northampton
170 Glendale Road
$9,900 — Roofing

Malvern Panalytical
45 Industrial Dr.
$3,500 — Install seven replacement windows

Northampton Terminal Assoc., LLP
1 Roundhouse Plaza, Suite 2
$7,000 — Office renovation; remove three walls and rebuild

Northwood Development, LLC
15 Atwood Dr.
$3,500 — Non-illuminated ground sign for Hampshire Probate and Family Court

Kevin Ovitt
55 Damon Road
$2,000 — Illuminated sign for Kevin’s Haircuts

Smith College
18 Henshaw Ave., Unit C
$12,000 — Roofing and rot repair

Smith College
21 Henshaw Ave., Unit A
$5,000 — Roofing and rot repair

D.A. Sullivan & Sons Inc.
84 North St.
$4,000 — Construct exercise room


Big Y Foods Inc.
2145 Roosevelt Ave.
$233,000 — Alter new employee entrance at Big Y distribution facility

Blue Tarp Redevelopment, LLC
12 MGM Way
$30,000 — Install three projection screens in Commonwealth Bar at MGM Springfield

Marcom Realty, LLC
155 Brookdale Dr.
$353,543 — Alter interior tenant space for Louis and Clark Pharmacy

Mason Wright Senior Living Inc.
73 Walnut St.
$64,845 — Alter former storage room into new daycare classroom

Mercy Medical Center
271 Carew St.
$38,160 — Alter office space for exam room in Oncology suite on first floor of Sister Caritas Cancer Center

Luis Moctezuma
1490 Allen St.
$5,000 — Commercial tenant space for restaurant

Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield
577 Carew St.
$20,000 — Remove and replace three roof-mounted antennas and three remote radio units and install one hybrid fiber cable for T-Mobile at Our Lady of Hope Church

SAIA Motor Freight Line, LLC
345 Rocus St.
$320,000 — Alter interior office space


AAA Pioneer Valley
150 Capital Dr.
$28,584 — Roofing

Agri-Mark Inc.
958 Riverdale St.
$45,000 — Foundation work for installation of a new silo

Mike Bertera
180 Westfield St.
$7,100 — Remove non-bearing wall, build two half-walls, remove cabinets and counter frame in old window and sheetrock

Camel, LLC
1452 Memorial Ave.
$35,000 — Remove and replace existing HVAC rooftop units

Bill Dellagiustina
414 Park St.
$7,820 — Deliver pre-built accessory structure

Bill Dellagiustina
414 Park St.
$3,135 — Deliver pre-built accessory structure

Town of West Springfield
255 Interstate Dr.
$20,000 — Remove three existing remote radio units and install three antennas on new mounts and three remote radio units

Westfield Bank
206 Park St.
$66,162 — Construct four offices, install new doors and wood trim


Ampersand Collins Hydro, LLC
176 Cottage Ave.
$43,500 — Roofing

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