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40 Under Forty to Be Unveiled May 11

SPRINGFIELD — Ready for a break from the non-stop COVID-19 news and a diversion — well, sort of — from life during a pandemic?

Great. So are we.

And BusinessWest will provide one with its announcement in two weeks of the 40 Under Forty class of 2020, a group that might become known as the ‘pandemic class’ years down the road, because life has certainly been different for this group of winners. Indeed, the annual gala, scheduled for June, has been pushed back to late August, and even taking photos of the winners became a real challenge due to social-distancing efforts, and many wound up taking photos themselves.

As for the unveiling … it will come in a special section in the May 11 issue of BusinessWest, and, in many respects, it will be a lot like the recent NFL draft. By that, we mean it will go on, as always, but it will be a little different. And there are likely to be some dogs and young children in the images.

Beyond that, this announcement is similar to the draft in that we hope that it will provide a quick respite from the tedium of the pandemic and offer an enthusiastic look at the many rising stars now taking the stage here in Western Mass.

The unveiling of the 40 Under Forty has always been a special moment for us, and the region, and this year, we expect it will be even more so. It will be an opportunity to bring some much-needed light into some otherwise dark times.