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The Markens Group Adds NEFMA as Client, Hires Three New Employees

SPRINGFIELD — The Markens Group (TMG) recently announced the addition of the New England Financial Marketing Assoc. (NEFMA) to its comprehensive list of clients and expanded its team by hiring three new employees.

The Markens Group, an association-management company located in Springfield, now has a 15-person staff that serves clients ranging from local societies and membership organizations to national not-for-profits. Its new client, NEFMA, based in Massachusetts, provides personal- and professional-development opportunities to financial marketers through educational meetings and networking opportunities.

“NEFMA is thrilled to partner with the Markens Group. We’re excited for them to showcase their expertise, implement strategy, identify trends, and overall help our association learn and grow,” said Shelley Regin, board president of the New England Financial Marketing Assoc. and senior vice president of marketing at Country Bank, headquartered in Ware.

New TMG staff members include Michelle Everard, who serves as director of programs and events; Brandy Swanson, who serves as an accountant; and Lauren Martin, who serves as communications manager. The Markens Group’s community-first approach to business is driven by its inclusive team and client collaboration that fosters brighter communities and deeper engagement.

“TMG was founded over three decades ago to help organizations thrive and create connected communities. Today, we’re thrilled to be in a dynamic place with continuous growth and expansion,” said Ben Markens, founder and president of the Markens Group. “We’re excited to be working with NEFMA and look forward to helping them with their programs and communication efforts. With the addition of new clients also comes more talent, and we feel fortunate to welcome Michelle, Brandy, and Lauren to our team.”