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Rudi Scherff, co-owner of the Student Prince restaurant

Profiles in Business

His Job Description? Holding Down the Fort Rudi Scherff started washing dishes at the Student Prince restaurant, then co-owned by his father, Rupprecht, when he was 12 years old. This means that, among many other things, he has a half-century’s worth of perspective on downtown Springfield. He’s seen quite a bit of change in and […]

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Helping Manufacturers Break the Mold There are a number of intriguing initiatives underway to help grow and strengthen the region’s precision-manufacturing sector — everything from a project involving UMass Amherst that will drive innovation, to a conference this fall aimed at spotlighting this sector and keeping business in this region. But perhaps the most promising […]

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Keeping the Best Minds Local Massachusetts’ greatest natural resource is its stock of 535,000 college and graduate-school students. Human capital brings the ideas and entrepreneurship needed for regional success, yet too many of our students leave, including the entrepreneurs who created Facebook. Retaining talent requires us to fight the regulations that make entrepreneurship too rare […]

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Cover July 19, 2010

Prototype for Progress

Manufacturers’ Collaborative Puts Pieces Together It’s called the Pioneer Valley Precision Manufacturing Collaborative, a bold initiative whereby four small area machine shops will market themselves as what amounts to one larger enterprise, one with capabilities ranging from injection molding to the machining of tiny components for medical devices to the production of parts that help […]

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