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4 Ways You’re Misreading Your Analytics

Courtesy of Claire Swinarski, Marketing Daily Advisor

Knowing your numbers is key to a rock-solid marketing strategy.

Any marketer worth his or her weight knows how important analytics are. By keeping up with your data, you’re able to make better decisions about how to sell your products and service, therefore attracting more customers and helping your company grow. But analytics aren’t always as cut-and-dry as they may seem. Here are four ways you’re misreading your analytics and preventing your data from actually helping you thrive.

Reading your metrics too often: There are some marketing statistics that don’t need to be checked daily, and if they are, they can actually lead you astray. If you’re meticulously tracking your website traffic, you may get frustrated to see a minor dip 1 day. But if that day happens to be a Sunday, and your data always dips on Sunday, you aren’t going to see that by focusing on the trees instead of on the larger forest. Data should be consumed both up close and from a bird’s eye view in order to see reliable, consistent patterns.

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