Marketing Tips

What to Do When Marketing and Customer Service Don’t Align

By Liz Alton, Marketing Daily Advisor

Is your marketing promising something your company can’t deliver? Here’s how to find deeper alignment.

Pardon the cliché, but is your marketing department writing checks that your customer service team can’t cash? How aligned are your marketing and customer delivery teams? A software organization I work with recently discovered such a problem: Though its marketing materials did a great job hyping up its offerings’ capabilities, the technology fell far short, and as a result, customers were disappointed, and the company’s reputation was hurt. Here’s a closer look at some strategies we used to create better alignment between marketing and other parts of the organization.

Have a team of stakeholders review messaging: Product marketers demonstrate why marketing departments need different perspectives when crafting messaging, as these individuals understand the product, audience, and road map, as well as have a marketing background. But if you don’t have this role at your organization, a group of stakeholders can also help you achieve alignment.

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