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American International College Introduces Division of Arts, Media, and Design

SPRINGFIELD — American International College (AIC) has made a significant advance toward meeting the evolving demands of the workforce with the introduction of a new Division of Arts, Media, and Design within the School of Business, Arts, and Sciences. This division encompasses redesigned undergraduate programming in the bachelor of arts and bachelor of science curricula, launching with the upcoming fall 2023 semester.

Frank Borrelli, assistant dean of Student Support and Experiential Learning, and chair of the division, expressed that this initiative was inspired by AIC’s 2022 strategic plan, “AIC Reimagined,” which includes a goal to enhance the college’s academic landscape.

“The academic offerings within the Division of Arts, Media, and Design are designed to provide students with hands-on learning experiences, facilitating the cultivation of skill sets aligned with the requisites of the job market,” he said. “Our newly introduced majors encompass not only professional internships but also classroom settings that foster effective communication, innovative creation, and productive collaboration.”

This new division will introduce four undergraduate majors, each crafted to provide students with a comprehensive foundation. The offerings include public relations & social media administration, digital media production, arts and entertainment management, and graphic arts and design.

Moreover, AIC unveiled six new undergraduate minors that complement these majors. The minors include public relations and social media administration, digital media production, arts & entertainment management, graphic arts and design, fashion design and merchandising, and music technology & production.