Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of July 2018.


Agawam Plaza, LLC
63-79 Springfield St.
Alter former YMCA into nightclub; construct bandstand and bar, alter restrooms, install commercial kitchen equipment, exhaust hood, freezers, coolers, finishes, lighting, etc.

F Fiore, LLC
378-384 Walnut St. Extension
$17,000 — Build service bar, paint walls, replace ceiling tiles, sand and finish floor

OSC Property, LLC
325-327 Walnut St. Extension
$7,500 — Aluminum and acrylic mounted sign for Family Appliance

Western Massachusetts Electric Co.
198 Springfield St.
$25,000 — Modify existing cellular equipment


17 Kellogg Ave., LLC
17 Kellogg Ave., Unit A
$84,000 — Fit out coffee café in existing space with current tenant

CH Realty VII/CG Mact Bird, LLC
399 Northampton Road
$275,000 — Remove and replace underground storage tanks at gas station, install new piping from tanks to dispensers, install new islands and dispensers

Gleason Johndrow Rentals, LLC
10 University Dr.
$11,000 — Install new doors to kitchen, open wall to back hallway, glass in old opening to brewhouse, remodel food truck, and close hallway at the Hangar

Jewish Community of Amherst
742 Main St.
$75,433 — Remove existing egress ramp and door, install two new doors and egress ramp


Chicopee Crossing, LLC
474 Memorial Dr.
$238,370 — Construct shell for new retail building

City of Chicopee
617 Montgomery St.
Swap three existing cellular antennas with three newer-technology cellular antennas and associated equipment

Elms College
291 Springfield St.
$36,458 — Install two antennas, remote radio heads, and associated equipment on library roof

Ashley Peleckas
591 Memorial Dr.
$100,000 — Renovate space within Walmart for a new dental office


Deerfield Academy
7 Wells St.
$5,000 — Roofing

Deerfield Academy
53 Albany Road
$204,300 — Sheet metal for health center

Deerfield Academy
53 Albany Road
$71,250 — Demolish building

Deerfield Academy
535 Greenfield Road
$7,000 — Remove and replace shingles


Revampit, LLC
3 Fugere Court
$31,000 — Renovate third-floor bathroom, install 42 replacement windows, install four new exterior doors, new roof


Multi-Cultural Community Services
191 Vineland Ave.
$29,892 — Roofing and siding

Roullier & Associates
11 Broadleaf Circle
$8,000 — Sheet metal

TGW Realty, LLC
19 Anne St.
$62,500 — Roofing, windows, complete interior remodel


Alliance Church
385 Chapman St.
$80,000 — Roofing, reframe new slope roof, demolish carport

Baystate Franklin Medical Center
164 High St.
$138,540 — Renovate rooms 310 and 312

47 Silvio O. Conte Dr.
$64,500 — Renovate space for Pierce Brothers Coffee

Spike Segundo, LLC
1 Bank Row
Building-attached sign for Greenfield Community Acupuncture

Lisa Underwood
571 Bernardston Road
$3,280 — Replace four windows

The United Arc
111 Summer St.
Install fire-alarm system


207 Russell St.
$10,268 — Install ductwork at F45 Training

47 Russell St.
$3,000 — HVAC upgrades

Amir Mikhchi
1 Mill Valley Road
$18,500 — Partition walls and doors for Happier Valley Comedy

Parmar & Sons
340 Russell St.
$100,000 — Install HVAC, kitchen exhaust system, vents, and air balancing at Homewood Suites

Pioneer Valley Chinese Immersion Charter School
317 Russell St.
$120,986 — Reconfigure three rooms, install exterior window, relocate sprinklers for new wall and light layout

Quinnehtuk Co.
47 Russell St.
$451,445 — Remove six AHU units, add six RTU units, reconnect to existing ductwork, add 20 new FVAV boxes, rebalance existing building for Eversource


Longmeadow Historic Preservation
734 Longmeadow St.
$60,000 — Repair exterior porches

Twin Hills Country Club
700 Wolf Swamp Road
$2,000 — Two new signs


Zhu Li Qian
84 Main St.
$75,500 — Renovate to convert existing space to a restaurant

Virginia Poirier
40 Main St.
$105,000 — Interior renovations to existing tenant suite

Smith College
2 Tyler Dr.
$18,000 — Build new partition wall

Smith College
25 College Lane
$40,000 — Install handicap-accessible ramp and asphalt sidewalk

St. John’s Episcopal Church
48 Elm St.
$1,800,000 — Addition and renovations, including new elevator, new commercial kitchen, interior renovations, new fire protection, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing upgrades

Whalen Insurance
71 King St.
$325,000 — Install solar array


McDonald’s Real Estate Co.
1184 Thorndike St.
$457,000 — Interior and exterior renovations to McDonald’s

Louis Menard
2025 Pine St.
$12,500 — Replace interior doors and one exterior door, repair and replace sills and floor joists, new insulation and sheetrock

New England Recreation & Health
8 Chamber Road
$4,681,945 — Renovate existing warehouse to F-1 use and construct a greenhouse addition

Palmer Place, LLC
1581 North Main St.
$4,500 — Replace two signs for Verizon

Palmer Place, LLC
1581 North Main St.
$3,000 — Repair columns supporting porch roof


Albany Road Springfield Plaza, LLC
1284 St. James Ave.
$10,773 — Interior demolition of tenant space for future build-out

Chestnut Springfield Inc.
144 Chestnut St.
$8,080 — Install fire-alarm system on fourth floor

J. Norbert Properties, LLC
10 Ingraham Terrace
$22,800 — Alter business for an alcohol rehabilitation center

William Julian Jr.
1019 St. James Ave.
$15,000 — Addition to rear of building for Subway

1295 State St.
$147,099.34 — Alter space for architectural access ramp at south entrance, repair front flat portion of roof

Springfield College
263 Alden St.
$104,180 — Alter space in campus union for Dunkin’ Donuts build-out

Michelle Wolt, LLC
1402 Allen St.
$7,000 — Install fire-alarm system at McDonald’s

Work Opportunity Center
73 Market Ave.
$238,813 — Alter tenant office space

Charbonneau Funeral Home
30 Pleasant St.
$350,000 — Addition and alterations to existing building

Quabbin Wire
10 Maple St.
$10,906 — Remove two windows and infill with steel studs, insulate, and cover with plywood

352 Palmer Road
$15,000 — Construct new wall in bakery department, install new bakery racks and cases


American Tower Corp.
1201 Westfield St.
$18,000 — Sprint will remove and replace three antennas and upgrade coaxial cables and RRUs

Brueno Scharmann, LLC
242 Westfield St.
$7,000 — Replace five windows

Town of West Springfield
429 Morgan Road
$5,000 — Erect vinyl shed near concession building at Morgan Road Pavilion

Wild Blueberry Commission of Maine
1305 Memorial Ave.
$6,000 — Remove partition and move switches in Maine Building at Big E


The Garvey Group Inc.
70 Post Office Park
$3,400 — New sign for ProShred

The Garvey Group Inc.
70 Post Office Park
$3,400 — New sign for ProScan Solutions