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Mark Auerbach says he’s ‘going public’ with his quest for a new kidney

Mark Auerbach says he’s ‘going public’ with his quest for a new kidney to help raise awareness about the importance of organ donations and perhaps shorten the time on the waiting list for some of those in need.

Mark Auerbach says he had started down the stairs in his home in Longmeadow that night in 2019 when he tripped over an untied shoelace and started falling. He recalls knocking a bannister out of the railing and slamming through his front door.

As a result of the fall, he broke his femur and his hand, eventually spending more than three months in inpatient rehabilitation. But the fall did something else. It “fatally injured” one of his kidneys, as he put it, accelerating a process of deterioration that had begun years earlier when he was diagnosed with diabetes.

“In 2019, my kidney doctor said, ‘you are heading for the need for a transplant, and you’re in stage 4; eventually, you’ll be in stage 5, and you’ll need one,” he recalled, adding that stage 5 essentially arrived in the spring of 2021.

Soon thereafter, Auerbach, a veteran arts reporter, owner of a public-relations firm that bears his name, and current ArtsBeat reporter for Pioneer Valley Radio, joined the lengthy list of people in this country on a waiting list for a donated kidney.

How lengthy? Well, he was accepted into a donor program at Massachusetts General Hospital and is now one of roughly 1,400 patients in a queue waiting for the proverbial ‘right donor.’ Nationwide, there are approximately 100,000 people on such lists.

“I didn’t really want to go public — you sacrifice your personal privacy when you put it out there. So I was really hesitant. But from a public-relations standpoint, I realized that if I didn’t tell my story, I couldn’t expect someone else to do it.”

While waiting for a kidney, many on those lists choose to be proactive and not simply wait. Some buy billboards stating their case, while others take out ads in newspapers and use social-media channels to encourage people to come forward and donate — not just for them, but for the myriad others waiting for a truly life-changing gift.

Auerbach is one of them. He said he has “gone public” — but in a quiet way, with personal appeals; regular postings on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter; and interviews like this one and another on his ArtsBeat show with guest (and longtime friend) Patrick Berry, host of WWLP’s Mass Appeal — in his quest to find a donor for himself, but also to raise awareness about the urgent need for organs and to spur action.

“I didn’t really want to go public — you sacrifice your personal privacy when you put it out there,” he told BusinesWest. “So I was really hesitant. But from a public-relations standpoint, I realized that if I didn’t tell my story, I couldn’t expect someone else to do it.”

He started with letters to family members, close friends, and clients alerting them to his situation and framing it in the larger context mentioned earlier — that he is one of 100,000 people waiting for a kidney and ‘here are the things you can do to help me.’ That list included everything from becoming an organ donor on one’s driver’s license to learning how to donate, to perhaps giving specifically to him.

Dr. Ken McPartland

Dr. Ken McPartland says there is a huge need for living donations of kidneys.

Such proactive steps are becoming increasingly necessary, said Dr. Ken McPartland, medical director of the Transplant Division at Baystate Medical Center, who told BusinesWest that the number of people on waiting lists is growing, the waits are often becoming longer, and the situation has been made worse, at least temporarily, by the pandemic, which prompted many potential living donors to remain on the sidelines out of caution.

“If someone has a living donor, they can get a transplant pretty much right away, which is usually within a few months,” said McPartland, part of a team that handles 50 kidney transplants a year at Baystate on average. “But if they don’t, they sometimes have to wait five to seven years to get a transplant.”

Of the 41,000 kidney transplants performed last year in this country, he noted, only 6,500 involved living donors — the rest of the organs were from those who were deceased, and the waits for those can be very long.

“There’s a huge need for more living donations,” he explained. “We know that people can donate a kidney and do very well and live a normal life. There is a risk, but the risks are is really low, and this is the biggest opportunity for improving not just the number of transplants, but the quality of transplants; we’d be able to help more people earlier in the process.”

“If someone has a living donor, they can get a transplant pretty much right away, which is usually within a few months. But if they don’t, they sometimes have to wait five to seven years to get a transplant.”

Dr. Leo Riella, medical director of Kidney Transplantation at Mass General Brigham, agreed. He said the numbers — specifically those related to the number of transplants performed each year at his hospital and the number of people on the waiting list (170 and 1,400, respectively) — help tell the story of the importance of encouraging donations.

“That number of those waiting is growing by roughly 10% a year,” he noted, adding that there is a huge backlog of cases. And as people wait longer, their odds for achieving quality of life grow longer.


Organ Players

Auerbach quipped that it was easier for him to get into Mass General’s kidney-donation program than it was to get into the drama program at Yale.

He was exaggerating, obviously, but only to a degree. And the logistics of getting into a program constitute only one of the many challenges facing those who need a kidney — or any other organ.

For many, including Auerbach, there is the emotional trauma that comes with the news that they are essentially on a clock — they have so much time (in his case, 18 months to three years) to secure a donor before they will have to go on dialysis, or worse.

“That was a punch to the gut,” he told Berry on his radio program. “And I felt very alone at the time. My family, my partner, everybody was like, ‘that’s too bad — we’re here for you.’ But that’s not necessarily what I needed at the time. The only way for me to move forward was to take charge of my own life and to do my own planning.

“I thought, ‘worst-case scenario, if 18 months to three years is reality, you better have a will, you better have a way to transition out of your business, the people who work for you and depend on you — you better plan for that,’” he went on. “The other things is, do you want to be hooked up to a machine, or do you want quality of life? And I chose the good quality of life. But … my life will be expanded, knock on wood, if a donor comes through.”

And then, there is just the waiting, and not knowing if the phone is going to eventually ring with a caller delivering the news that a kidney has been found.

Unfortunately, as the population ages and with the numbers of donated kidneys — both from living donors and those who have died — being relatively stagnant, the number of people living in limbo (that’s the kindest word to use) is only increasing, said McPartland, noting that there are generally between 150 and 175 on the waiting list at Baystate Health at any given time.

Dr. Leo Riella

Dr. Leo Riella

“That number of those waiting is growing by roughly 10% a year.”

As noted earlier, those without living donors may stay on the list five years or longer waiting for a kidney to be donated, he went on, adding that, for some, especially older patients, their condition may deteriorate while they are waiting — to the point where they become too sick to qualify for a transplant.

For quality-of-life reasons, someone needing a kidney will certainly fare much better if they can receive that organ before they need dialysis, McPartland added. “The way to really help patients is to get a transplant before they ever start dialysis. The patients do better, they live longer, and the kidneys work better and for longer.”

Riella agreed, noting that, in many cases, kidney disease, which he called a “silent disease” because those suffering from it generally do not experience pain or discomfort, isn’t detected until late in life — in many cases, too late, as their disease has progressed to the point where they cannot move up a waiting list in sufficient time to ultimately improve their quality of life through a transplant.

This is why early detection is important, he said, adding that blood tests can reveal if and to what degree the kidneys are in decline.

Overall, the average wait time for a kidney is six years, said Riella, adding that this number has only increased in recent years, and for several reasons, especially the aging of the population. “The gap in the number of kidneys available and the number that is needed is huge.”

Like other hospitals that perform kidney-transplant surgery, Baystate and Mass General are very active in efforts to help encourage people to donate organs, and also in helping those on lists to get kidneys through various means, including matching programs.

For example, if someone on a list finds a willing donor, but that kidney is not compatible, that kidney can be exchanged for one that is compatible through a voucher program, enabling people to move up on a waiting list.

It is for these reasons that Auerbach chose to go public despite his many reservations about doing so.

“I thought, ‘I’ll become the poster child for organ donations. Hopefully, I’ll get one, or at least the list will get whittled down, and I’ll move up the list faster. I’ll be the spokesperson for those 100,000 people.’ That was my motivation.”

While many fully understand the urgent need for kidneys and other organs, he explained, his story and that of others in similar situations must be told to reinforce the message and add a very needed personal touch.

Both McPartland and Riella agreed. They noted that, while much of the discussion about organ donations is focused on numbers — everything from how many individuals are on lists to how long their waits are — behind the statistics are real people, like Auerbach, facing quality-of-life, if not life-and-death, issues.


Bottom Line

Auerbach told BusinessWest that he tries not to think about the informal ‘clock’ he’s on — one doctor told him 18 months to three years, while another told him five years before he would need dialysis — and often wishes he was not given such estimates.

And he’s not alone in that sentiment. Such clocks, while helpful in the planning process, only increase the anxiety and make the waiting all the more tortuous, he noted.

“I’m trying to take it day-by-day and be optimistic,” he said. “To have a clock ticking as I’m watching and waiting would drive me crazy.”

The only thing that can shorten such waits is for more donors to come forward, said all those we spoke with, adding that this why stories like Auerbach’s need to be told. And why people need to listen — and respond.


It takes only five minutes to sign up to be an organ donor at www.organdonor.gov/sign-up. To learn more about becoming a living kidney donor, call Baystate Medical Center’s Transplant Program at (413) 794-2321, option 2, and speak with the living donor coordinator, or visit the Baystate Transplant website at baystatehealth.org/transplant for a confidential screening process.


The following business incorporations were recorded in Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties and are the latest available. They are listed by community.


Kinase Health Inc., 23 Woodlot Road, Amherst, MA 01002. Byung Hoon Kim, same. Cancer related health monitoring service.


NCO Services Corp., 128 Wheatland Ave., Chicopee, MA 01020. Otavio J. Da Silva, same. Janitorial and cleaning services.


New Myths Inc., 188 East St., Unit A, Great Barrington, MA 01238. Patrick J. Toole, same. Actively engage and promote, through theatrical productions, education in the theater arts including film making.


Nolan Plumbing & HVAC Inc., 26 Clark St., Greenfield, MA 01301. Tyler Nolan, same. The installation of plumbing work and HVAC.

Shri Samar Corp., 49 Main St., Greenfield, MA 01301. Suresh Chaudhari, same. Convenience store.


Philly Wings Express Inc., 50 Holyoke St., R113, Holyoke, MA 01040. Gui Da Pan, same. Food service.

Shepard Renovations Inc., 542 Rock Valley Road, Holyoke, MA 01040. Michael Shepard, same. Home renovations, door and window installation, carpentry, trim work, and painting.


Longship Berkshire Corporation, 157 Columbia St., Lee, MA 01238. Mervyn H. Yan, same. Investment holdings.

Robin Schoen Public Relations Inc., 196 Main St., #3, Lee, MA 01238. Robin Shoen, same. Public relations.

Snap 247 Inc., 10 Pleasant St., Lee, MA 01238. Ashley M. Soules, 2776 Jacobs Ladder Road, Beckton, MA 01223. Retail exercise facility.


New England Institute for CPR Education Inc., 11-13 Maple Ave., Floor 3, Northampton, MA 01060. Ryan Flynn, same. Provide first aid education; train individuals in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Safe and Healthy Education Edu Inc, 247 Northampton St., Suite 1, Easthampton, MA 01027. Michelle D. Mulea, 573 Burts Pit Road, Florence, MA 01062. Safe and healthy training and education.


Reflexology Inc., 1026 Central St., Palmer, MA 01069. Zhanhua Wu, same. Spa.


Nantucket Rowing Inc., 82 Wendell Ave., Ste 100, Pittsfield, MA 01201. Michael Springer, same. Increase awareness of rowing and grow lifetime participation in rowing with the Nantucket community.


Ramriv Inc., 263 Hancock St., Springfield, MA 01109. Jose Ramos, 56 Putnam Circle, Springfield, MA 01104. Auto detailing.


M. Mcguigan Inc., 17 Pulaski St., Ware, MA 01082. Michelle McGuigan, same. CPA services.


The following business incorporations were recorded in Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties and are the latest available. They are listed by community.


Taifa Foundation Inc., 1981 Memorial Dr., Suite 201, Chicopee, MA 01020. Joseph N. Kariuki, 245 Senator St., Springfield, MA 01129. We bring together, Kenyan diverse communities without regard to tribal, ethnic, political, or religious backgrounds and empower them to build a great future in western Massachusetts and beyond while maintaining and promoting our rich and diverse culture.

ZB Consulting Inc., 161 Hampden St., Apt 1L, Chicopee, MA 01013. Ashley M. Martinez, same. Provide holistic, client-centered representation to indigent persons in civil and criminal matters.


The Friends of Granby’s Parks and Recreation, 152 Harris St., Granby, MA 01033. Louis M. Barry, same. Support and improve the town of Granby parks and the recreation programs.


The Coop Education Integrity Board Inc., 105 Honey Pot Road, Hadley, MA 01035. Patrick John Leighton, same. To promote and fund the development and dissemination of a pre- K-12, three-dimensional model of curriculum, instruction, assessment, teaching, and learning in which learning outcomes are organized into the three categories of transferable concepts, specific content information, and kinesthetic/intellectual skills and processes.


Starzwireless Inc., 48 Holy Family Road, Apt 116, Holyoke, MA 01040. Boris Mordukhaev, same. A store that repairs electronic devices.


Tamarack Equipment Sales Inc., 850 Tamarack Road, Pittsfield, MA 01201. Daniel P. Burke, 845 Tamarack Road, Pittsfield, MA 01201. Used car dealership.


US Cannabis Corp., 111 Strong Road, Southampton, MA 01073. Michael Jaeger, same. Apply for cultivation license with CCC.


Pioneer Valley House of Labor Inc., 640 Page Blvd., Springfield, MA 01104. Michael Harazmus, 36 Mason Road, Holyoke, MA 01040. The purchase, construction, lease and/or maintenance of a building or portion thereof for the use, occupation and management of Western Mass. labor organizations affiliated now and hereafter with the Western Massachusetts area labor federation.

R R Enterprise Inc., 121 Albemarle St., Springfield, MA 01109. Ronald Ruell, same. Paper sales recycle.

SPP Investments Inc., 25 Chesterfield Ave., Springfield, MA 01118. Mike Lemelin, same. Own, rent, and manage real estate.

T Transportation Inc., 170 Switzer Ave., Springfield, MA 01109. Andriy Tanchev, same. Transportation.

W.W. Hispanic American Wrestling Alliance Corporation, 62 Governor St., Springfield, MA 01104. Guillermo R. Negron, same. Entertainment, sports events, and music concerts.


Sprintway Trans Inc., 51 Wistaria St., West Springfield, MA 01089. Dimitar Dimitrov, same. Trucking.

Through Ebony’s Eyes LLC, 900 Riverdale St., #116, West Springfield, MA 01089. Larshell Curley, 40 Hawthorne St., Springfield, MA 01105. Provide scholarship and financial aid support to young people pursuing post-secondary education.


Pioneer Valley Pt & Sport Rehab Inc., 20 Hunters Slope, Westfield, MA 01085. Anatoliy Pavlyuk, same. Physical therapy & sports rehabilitation services.

Road Mass Transportation Corp., 50 Medeiros Way, Westfield, MA 01085. Dale Unsderfer, 48 Sunset Dr., Westfield, MA 01085. Trucking business.


Quotient Education Inc., 75 Montague Road, Westhampton, MA 01027. Andrew M. Hilnbrand, same. Tutoring and test preparation service.

Senior Planning

These regional and statewide nonprofits can help families make decisions and access resources related to elder-care planning.


1 Beacon St., #2301, Boston, MA 02108

(866) 448-3621; states.aarp.org/region/massachusetts

Administrator: Mike Festa

Services: A nonprofit, nonpartisan, social-welfare organization with a membership of nearly 38 million that advocates for the issues that matter to families, such as healthcare, employment and income security, and protection from financial abuse.


20 University Road, 7th Floor, Cambridge, MA 02138

(617) 301-4868; www.theconversationproject.org

Administrator: Kate DeBartolo

Services: Helps people talk about their wishes for end-of-life care; its team includes five seasoned law, journalism, and media professionals working pro bono alongside professional staff from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.


877 South St., Suite 4E, Pittsfield, MA 01201

(413) 499-0524; www.esbci.org

Administrator: Christopher McLaughlin

Services: Information and referral, care management, respite care, homemaker and home health assistance, healthy-aging programs, and MassHealth nursing home pre-screening; also offers housing options, adult family care, group adult foster care, long-term-care ombudsman, and money management, and oversees Senior Community Service Aide Employment Program.


66 Industry Ave., Suite 9, Springfield, MA 01104

(413) 781-8800; www.gsssi.org

Administrator: Jill Keough

Services: Dedicated to maintaining quality of life for older adults, caregivers, and people with disabilities, through programs and services that foster independence, dignity, safety, and peace of mind; services include case management, home care, home-delivered meals, senior community dining, money management, congregate housing, and adult day care.


320 Riverside Dr., Florence, MA 01062

(413) 586-2000; www.highlandvalley.org

Administrator: Allan Ouimet

Services: Care management, information/referral services, family caregiver program, personal emergency-response service, protective services, home-health services, chore services, nursing-home ombudsman services, adult day programs, elder-care advice, bill-payer services, options counseling, respite services, representative payee services, local dining centers, personal-care and homemaker services, and home-delivered meals.


101 Munson St., Suite 201, Greenfield, MA 01301

(413) 773-5555; www.lifepathma.org

Administrator: Barbara Bodzin

Services: Private, nonprofit corporation that develops, provides, and coordinates a range of services to support the independent living of elders and people with disabilities; also supports caregivers, including grandparents raising grandchildren.


19 Temple Place, Boston, MA 02111

(617) 426-0804; www.maoamass.org

Administrator: Chet Jakubiak

Services: Aims to improve the economic security of older Massachusetts residents through research and advocacy on policies that may reduce risk and hardship; fights against the dual stigma of being old and mentally ill, to preserve Medicare and Social Security, to ensure access to community-based long-term care, and to obtain mental healthcare for elders suffering from depression and other brain disorders.


1 Ashburton Place, Unit 517, Boston, MA 02108

(617) 727-7750; www.mass.gov/elders

Administrator: Elizabeth Chen

Services: Connects seniors and families with services like senior centers, councils on aging, nutrition programs such as Meals on Wheels, exercise, health coaching, and more; supports frail adults through programs and quality-improvement initiatives in nursing homes and assisted-living facilities; caregiver support programs.


99 Chauncy St., Unit 400, Boston, MA 02111

(800) 342-5297 ; www.vlpnet.org

Administrator: Joanne Allison

Services: The Helpline is a project of the Volunteer Lawyers Project of Boston that provides free legal information and referral services to Massachusetts residents age 60 and older; the Helpline is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to noon.


(844) 422-6277


Administrator: Marylou Sudders

Services: Connects elders, individuals with disabilities, and their caregivers with agencies and organizations that can best meet their needs; staff can also assist with determining eligibility for and applying to MassHealth.


421 North Main St., Leeds, MA 01053

(413) 584-4040; www.centralwesternmass.va.gov

Administrator: John Collins

Services: Provides primary, specialty, and mental-health care, including psychiatric, substance-abuse, and PTSD services, to a veteran population in Central and Western Mass. of more than 120,000 men and women.


4 Valley Mill Road, Holyoke, MA 01040

(413) 538-9020; www.wmeldercare.org

Administrator: Roseann Martoccia

Services: Provides an array of in-home and community services to support independent living; interdisciplinary team approach to person-centered care; information, referrals, and options counseling as well as volunteer opportunities available.

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The following business incorporations were recorded in Hampden, Hampshire, and Franklin counties and are the latest available. They are listed by community.


Denise Miller-Zhang PC, 159 Main St., Unit N, Agawam, MA 01001. Denise Miller-Zhang, same. Psychologist office.


Dimoda Inc., 175 State St., Unit 6, Belchertown, MA 01007. Ilario Modafferi, same. Merchant financial services.


Fog Farm Inc., 116 Pleasant St., Granby, MA 01033. Nicholas Robinson, same. Farming and growing plants.


JA Transport Inc., 88 Calumet Road, Holyoke, MA 01040. Joseph Arsenault, same. Trucking transportation of materials.


Delta T Advanced HVAC Inc., 40 Maine Ave., Easthampton, MA 01027. Matthew B. Gawle, 80 Highland Ave., Easthampton, MA 01027. Heating and air conditioning sales and service.


Collabra Technology Inc., 82 Wendell Ave., Ste. 100, Pittsfield, MA 01201. Janet Case, same. Marketing and sales platform.

Evisort Inc., 82 Wendell Ave., Suite100, Pittsfield, MA 01201. Jerry Ting, same. Consultant and document management.

Great Societies Inc., 82 Wendell Ave., Suite 100, Pittsfield, MA 01201. Ramon Xulvi-Brunet, same. Consulting and education service to institutions.

Great Woods Distribution Inc., 82 Wendell Ave., Suite 100, Pittsfield, MA 01201. Elliot Oliveira, same. Contract manufacturer.


Environment 1st Pest Management Inc., 9 Industrial Road, Southwick, MA 01077. Brian J. Morrissey, 6 Joseph Ave., Westfield, MA 01085. Pest management, commercial and residential cleaning services.


Crockwell’s Mobile Welding Inc., 211 Russellville Road, Westfield, MA 01085. Nickolas R. Crockwell, same. Mobile welding services.


Cold Spring Liquor Inc., 19 Ruth Dr., Wilbraham, MA 01095. Dariusz Karpinski, same. Convenience and package store.


The following business incorporations were recorded in Hampden, Hampshire, and Franklin counties and are the latest available. They are listed by community.


Ishana Inc., 578 Summer St., Barre, MA 01005. Monil Patel, 4 Ralph Ave., Worcester, MA 01604. Liquor store.

J. D. Poulin Electric Inc., 351 Old Petersham Road, Barre, MA 01005. Jason D. Poulin, same. Electrical contractor.


Imperial Auto Movers Inc., 6 Fox Run Dr., Belchertown, MA 01007. Dmitry Kuzmenok, same. Trucking.


J. Richardson Contracting Inc., 135 Stafford Hill, Cheshire, MA 01225. Jason Richardson, same. General contracting.


Glenn Building Inc., 18 Ashley Circle, Easthampton, MA 01027. Norman F. Glenn, same. Building construction and renovation.


HD Painting Pros Inc., 960 Springfield St., Unit 12, Feeding Hills, MA 01030. Jesse James Hester, same. Painting.


JBP Construction Inc., 157 Carmelinas Circle, Ludlow, MA 01056. Jamie R. Pio, 343 Woodland Circle, Ludlow, MA 01056. Construction services.


Here for the Dogs Inc., 6 Shamrock St., Stockbridge, MA 01262. Nicole Jean Bessey, same. Raise awareness to the potential danger of dog collar use and the safe use of dog harnesses.


Hardwick Memorial Handbell Choir Inc., 13 Jones St., Warren, MA 01083. Shawna R. Andrews, 1930 Gilbertville Road, New Braintree, MA 01531. Performing and encouraging the Handbell arts in the greater Hardwick community with performances both public and ecumenical.


Hearts to Pawz Project Inc., 24 Camelot Lane, Westfield, MA 01085. Terri Kutayli, same. Support local animal shelters.


Gray Hawk Corp., 13 Cottage Ave., Wilbraham, MA 01095. Radu Moraru, same. Construction.

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of July 2018.


Agawam Plaza, LLC
63-79 Springfield St.
Alter former YMCA into nightclub; construct bandstand and bar, alter restrooms, install commercial kitchen equipment, exhaust hood, freezers, coolers, finishes, lighting, etc.

F Fiore, LLC
378-384 Walnut St. Extension
$17,000 — Build service bar, paint walls, replace ceiling tiles, sand and finish floor

OSC Property, LLC
325-327 Walnut St. Extension
$7,500 — Aluminum and acrylic mounted sign for Family Appliance

Western Massachusetts Electric Co.
198 Springfield St.
$25,000 — Modify existing cellular equipment


17 Kellogg Ave., LLC
17 Kellogg Ave., Unit A
$84,000 — Fit out coffee café in existing space with current tenant

CH Realty VII/CG Mact Bird, LLC
399 Northampton Road
$275,000 — Remove and replace underground storage tanks at gas station, install new piping from tanks to dispensers, install new islands and dispensers

Gleason Johndrow Rentals, LLC
10 University Dr.
$11,000 — Install new doors to kitchen, open wall to back hallway, glass in old opening to brewhouse, remodel food truck, and close hallway at the Hangar

Jewish Community of Amherst
742 Main St.
$75,433 — Remove existing egress ramp and door, install two new doors and egress ramp


Chicopee Crossing, LLC
474 Memorial Dr.
$238,370 — Construct shell for new retail building

City of Chicopee
617 Montgomery St.
Swap three existing cellular antennas with three newer-technology cellular antennas and associated equipment

Elms College
291 Springfield St.
$36,458 — Install two antennas, remote radio heads, and associated equipment on library roof

Ashley Peleckas
591 Memorial Dr.
$100,000 — Renovate space within Walmart for a new dental office


Deerfield Academy
7 Wells St.
$5,000 — Roofing

Deerfield Academy
53 Albany Road
$204,300 — Sheet metal for health center

Deerfield Academy
53 Albany Road
$71,250 — Demolish building

Deerfield Academy
535 Greenfield Road
$7,000 — Remove and replace shingles


Revampit, LLC
3 Fugere Court
$31,000 — Renovate third-floor bathroom, install 42 replacement windows, install four new exterior doors, new roof


Multi-Cultural Community Services
191 Vineland Ave.
$29,892 — Roofing and siding

Roullier & Associates
11 Broadleaf Circle
$8,000 — Sheet metal

TGW Realty, LLC
19 Anne St.
$62,500 — Roofing, windows, complete interior remodel


Alliance Church
385 Chapman St.
$80,000 — Roofing, reframe new slope roof, demolish carport

Baystate Franklin Medical Center
164 High St.
$138,540 — Renovate rooms 310 and 312

47 Silvio O. Conte Dr.
$64,500 — Renovate space for Pierce Brothers Coffee

Spike Segundo, LLC
1 Bank Row
Building-attached sign for Greenfield Community Acupuncture

Lisa Underwood
571 Bernardston Road
$3,280 — Replace four windows

The United Arc
111 Summer St.
Install fire-alarm system


207 Russell St.
$10,268 — Install ductwork at F45 Training

47 Russell St.
$3,000 — HVAC upgrades

Amir Mikhchi
1 Mill Valley Road
$18,500 — Partition walls and doors for Happier Valley Comedy

Parmar & Sons
340 Russell St.
$100,000 — Install HVAC, kitchen exhaust system, vents, and air balancing at Homewood Suites

Pioneer Valley Chinese Immersion Charter School
317 Russell St.
$120,986 — Reconfigure three rooms, install exterior window, relocate sprinklers for new wall and light layout

Quinnehtuk Co.
47 Russell St.
$451,445 — Remove six AHU units, add six RTU units, reconnect to existing ductwork, add 20 new FVAV boxes, rebalance existing building for Eversource


Longmeadow Historic Preservation
734 Longmeadow St.
$60,000 — Repair exterior porches

Twin Hills Country Club
700 Wolf Swamp Road
$2,000 — Two new signs


Zhu Li Qian
84 Main St.
$75,500 — Renovate to convert existing space to a restaurant

Virginia Poirier
40 Main St.
$105,000 — Interior renovations to existing tenant suite

Smith College
2 Tyler Dr.
$18,000 — Build new partition wall

Smith College
25 College Lane
$40,000 — Install handicap-accessible ramp and asphalt sidewalk

St. John’s Episcopal Church
48 Elm St.
$1,800,000 — Addition and renovations, including new elevator, new commercial kitchen, interior renovations, new fire protection, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing upgrades

Whalen Insurance
71 King St.
$325,000 — Install solar array


McDonald’s Real Estate Co.
1184 Thorndike St.
$457,000 — Interior and exterior renovations to McDonald’s

Louis Menard
2025 Pine St.
$12,500 — Replace interior doors and one exterior door, repair and replace sills and floor joists, new insulation and sheetrock

New England Recreation & Health
8 Chamber Road
$4,681,945 — Renovate existing warehouse to F-1 use and construct a greenhouse addition

Palmer Place, LLC
1581 North Main St.
$4,500 — Replace two signs for Verizon

Palmer Place, LLC
1581 North Main St.
$3,000 — Repair columns supporting porch roof


Albany Road Springfield Plaza, LLC
1284 St. James Ave.
$10,773 — Interior demolition of tenant space for future build-out

Chestnut Springfield Inc.
144 Chestnut St.
$8,080 — Install fire-alarm system on fourth floor

J. Norbert Properties, LLC
10 Ingraham Terrace
$22,800 — Alter business for an alcohol rehabilitation center

William Julian Jr.
1019 St. James Ave.
$15,000 — Addition to rear of building for Subway

1295 State St.
$147,099.34 — Alter space for architectural access ramp at south entrance, repair front flat portion of roof

Springfield College
263 Alden St.
$104,180 — Alter space in campus union for Dunkin’ Donuts build-out

Michelle Wolt, LLC
1402 Allen St.
$7,000 — Install fire-alarm system at McDonald’s

Work Opportunity Center
73 Market Ave.
$238,813 — Alter tenant office space

Charbonneau Funeral Home
30 Pleasant St.
$350,000 — Addition and alterations to existing building

Quabbin Wire
10 Maple St.
$10,906 — Remove two windows and infill with steel studs, insulate, and cover with plywood

352 Palmer Road
$15,000 — Construct new wall in bakery department, install new bakery racks and cases


American Tower Corp.
1201 Westfield St.
$18,000 — Sprint will remove and replace three antennas and upgrade coaxial cables and RRUs

Brueno Scharmann, LLC
242 Westfield St.
$7,000 — Replace five windows

Town of West Springfield
429 Morgan Road
$5,000 — Erect vinyl shed near concession building at Morgan Road Pavilion

Wild Blueberry Commission of Maine
1305 Memorial Ave.
$6,000 — Remove partition and move switches in Maine Building at Big E


The Garvey Group Inc.
70 Post Office Park
$3,400 — New sign for ProShred

The Garvey Group Inc.
70 Post Office Park
$3,400 — New sign for ProScan Solutions

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