Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the months of June and July 2022. (Filings are limited due to closures or reduced staffing hours at municipal offices due to COVID-19 restrictions).


Joyce Provoda
239 Montcalm St.
$19,999 — Roofing

Joseph Ryan
76 Dwight St.
$12,500 — Two-level deck with small landing to be repaired on lower deck and rebuilt on upper deck

Alfred Shattelroe
18 Bemis St.
$120,000 — Remove and rebuild rear porch, remove and replace flooring on front porch, replace siding affected by porch


CBR Realty Corp.
191 Russell St.
N/A — Replace existing window with door

Francine Ness
137 West St.
N/A — Roofing

Russell 116 Partnership
423 Russell St.
N/A — Remove and replace damaged ceiling tiles

Gordon Smith
100 Mill Valley Road
N/A — Repair and replace damaged wall


Big Y Foods Inc.
10 Pleasant St.
$110,000 — Install electric vehicle charging stations

Stone Burdick
800 Pleasant St.
$210,000 — Commercial equipment storage garage

Jane Falcone, Linda Searles
55 Marble St.
$12,402 — Install new walk-in shower unit

Michael Ford
1075 Fairview St.
$6,090 — Install vinyl windows and entry unit

James Hertz
114 Housatonic St.
$6,000 — Install fire-suppression systemin commercial kitchen exhaust hood

Cassandra Purdy
635 Laurel St.
$85,000 — Selective interior demolition


Town of Lenox
65 Main St.
$4,000 — Replace rear porch on first-floor egress


American Tower Corp.
325 King St.
$80,000 — Replace and upgrade equipment

Anydot Realty Management LLC
70 Maple St.
$11,875 — New roof

Aster Associates
80 Barrett St.
$4,000 — Replace deck

City of Northampton
Haydenville Road
$80,000 — Replace and add antennas

Edwards Church of Northampton
297 Main St.
$100,0-00 — Roofing

Florence Congregational Church
130 Pine St.
$13,000 — Roofing

Florence Savings Bank
81 Main St.
$81,000 — Non-structural partition walls

Milo Properties LLC
177 Bridge St.
$4,000 — Replace rotted framing and decking

O’Connell Hawley LLC
10 Hawley St.
$55,000 — Elevator installation

Pramukh Corp.
117 Conz St.
$26,890 — Roofing

Smith College
126 West St.
$37,261 — Exterior trim repairs


Allendale Shopping LLC
5 Cheshire Road, Unit 26
$41,000 — Convert two open office spaces into private offices

Blue Chair Properties LLC
101 Dan Fox Dr.
N/A — Dish Wireless to install antennas and associated equipment on existing tower, and install ground equipment inside existing lease area

K & C Agar Inc.
22 Reed St.
$7,500 — Roof repair

Conrad Wojtkowski, Frances Wojtkowski
15 Curtin Ave.
$20,000 — Roofing


1277 Liberty Street 10190746 LLC
1355 Liberty St.
$10,000 — Install safety equipment on telecommunications tower

Raffaele Calabrese, Anna Calabrese
489 Main St.
$311,524 — Add vestibule to front entrance, install new windows

City of Springfield
111 Seymour Ave.
$622,300 $10,000 — Alter existing bathroom space at Balliet Elementary School into new bathroom and kitchen prep area

Edgewater Tower LLC
101 Lowell St.
$15,000 — Install 12 replacement antennas on telecommunications tower

Jon Realty LLC
230 Verge St.
$40,000 — Remove six antennas and install nine new antennas on telecommunications tower

New England Farm Workers Council Inc.
1628 Main St.
$30,000 — Repair loose stucco on upper parapet area

NHP Springfield Business Trust
215 Bicentennial Highway
$10,000 — Install safety equipment on telecommunications tower

Dinesh Patel
2 Boland Way
$150,000 — Install new fire-alarm system at Tower Square Hotel

Red Diamond Properties LLC
281 State St.
$410,000 — Alter interior space for use as a daycare center

Restoration Workship Center
1492 Boston Road
$2,225,000 — Alter interior space, exterior façade, and roof covering for use change from retail to assembly

RF Realty Co. LLC
449 Sumner Ave.
$75,000 — Remove and replace doors, windows, and stucco siding at Forest Park Eyecare