Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of July 2022. (Filings are limited due to closures or reduced staffing hours at municipal offices due to COVID-19 restrictions).


Briarwood Sixteen LLC
359 Dale St.
$46,000 — Flooring, drywall, electrical, plumbing, trim, cabinets, paint, and decorate due to water damage

Prospect Meadow Associates LLC
635 Prospect St.
$41,600 — Remove two non-bearing walls; terminate electrical fixtures; install pharmacy cabinets, shelving, and new sink; relocate exit sign and emergency lighting; install new lighting


Allard’s Farms Inc.
315 Westgate Center Dr.
N/A — Add battery storage system

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
200 Commonwealth Ave.
N/A — Remove and replace light fixtures and unit heaters


Berkshire Corporate Realty LLC
480 Pleasant St.
$250,000 — Construct steel platform on first floor to house five private offices, to be constructed with metal wall framing, doors, windows, and suspended ceilings

Community Health Programs Inc.
11 Quarry Hill Road
$445,000 — Interior renovation of existing spaces with new paint, flooring, and ceilings


Gateways Inn Properties LLC
51 Walker St.
$1,527 — Patch kitchen delivery ramp

Lenox Housing Authority
6 Main St.
$26,486 — Add new ADA-compliant bathroom to first floor of Curtis Hotel

North Sandy Brook LLC
9 Franklin St.
$4,000 — Install fire-detection and notification appliances


71-73 Market Street LLC
73 Market St.
$7,600 — Insulation and weatherization

Bowles Enterprises LLC
15 Fruit St.
$6,000 — Window replacements

Hytech Park Properties LLC
106 Industrial Dr.
$17,000 — Ductwork for clean room

18 Orchard St.
$15,000 — Interior demolition of fire-damaged areas

Perfect Properties LLC
1 Corticelli St.
$71,790 — Install roof-mounted solar system


A. Leo Nash Realty LLC
99 Hawthorne Ave.
$139,036 — Roofing

Eagle Street Associates Nominee Trust
33 Eagle St.
$5,500 — Modify existing sprinkler system

Fourteen Fifty East Street LLC
1450 East St.
$5,000 — Siding

Hotel Lenox LLC
1032 South St.
$7,300 — Renovate convenience shop beside front desk of Hilton Garden Inn

HWC Realty LLC
1510 West Housatonic St.
$545,000 — Build new warehouse addition

RKE Realty LLC
100 West St.
$183,804 — Renovate second-floor restrooms, including new finishes, plumbing fixtures, and lighting

Three Seventy Six Tyler Street LLC
558 East St.
$10,000 — Roofing

United States Self Storage LLC
117 Fourth St.
$10,000 — Remove addition at rear of warehouse


Behavioral Health Network Inc.
35 Heywood St.
$208,000 — Alter interior office space for employee resource center, two accessible restrooms, offices, and conference room

DFS International Ltd.
49 Cadwell Dr.
$69,231 — Roofing on warehouse

Freedom Season LLC
68 Lyons St.
$7,000 — Roofing on detached garage

Sinai Temple Inc.
1100 Dickinson St.
$50,000 — Remove and replace 12 antennas on telecommunications tower

Third Baptist Church of Springfield
149 Walnut St.
$45,000 — Remove existing interior stairs, frame new elevator shaft, build new vestibule to serve right side of property

Louis Wiener
1391 Main St.
$1,319,719 — Alter interior tenant space on first floor and exterior modifications with new entry location for JPMorgan Chase Bank