Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of May 2023.


A&C Fernandes LLC
796 Sheridan St.
$12,900 — Roofing

Leszek Biel
115 South St.
$15,030.66 — Roofing

Kor Realty LLC
939 Chicopee St.
$125,000 — AT&T to co-locate nine antennas, 12 radios, two surge arrestors, associated cabling, and walk-in cabinet within ground space; 20 kW generator within existing compound

Leah Laflamme
37 Montville St.
$6,000 — Replace fire-damaged heat detector and horn strobe, replace defective main panel

O’Leary-Vincunas No Two LLC
102 First Ave.
$26,550 — Install industrial racking

Danielle Olimpa
1720 Westover Road
$12,000 — Siding, window and door replacement


John Dunphy
49-53 Union St.
$40,100 — Roofing

New England Telephone Co.
6 Railroad St.
$15,000 — Replace fire-alarm system and devices

Williston Northampton School
40-50 Park St.
$300,000 — Remove existing north-facing window wall and replace with new, fixed-glass units; remove east and west classroom operable units and replace with new units

Williston Northampton School
19 Payson Ave.
$65,000 — Remove three existing wood double-entry doors and replace with new fiberglass insulated entry doors


Floranine LLC
285 Russell St.
N/A — Relocate existing sign


Toole Properties Inc.
461 Pittsfield Road
$125,000 — Replace existing indoor pool roof panels with equivalent panels


City of Northampton
Bridge Street
$3,205 — Storage shed at Sheldon Field

City of Northampton
125 Locust St.
$9,000 — Two replacement windows at Board of Public Works

J-Barc Inc.
25 Pleasant St.
$136,500 — Repair and lintel replacement

O’Connell Hawley LLC
10 Hawley St.
$37,979 — Bath addition

Oxbow Professional Park LLC
22 Atwood Dr.
$74,000 — Install dish panel

Smith College
Bedford Ter.
$4,356,297 — New windows, repairs, mechanical systems

Smith College
College Lane
$1,782,358 — Interior renovation to laboratories, classrooms

Smith College
14 Green St.
$414,000 — Interior renovations

Smith College
94 State St.
$4,903,303 — Replacement windows, door, renovate restroom


David Coco
206 Elm St.
$19,365 — RTU replacement

Phoenix Merrill Road LLC
676 Merrill Road
$1,200 — Add two indicating devices to Ready Set Play store

Pittsfield General Electric
303 Crane Ave.
$22,000 — Roofing

Three Ninety Five Nord Strasse LLC
391 North St.
$99,500 — Install new wet system


1492 Redevelopment LLC
90 Carew St.
$300,000 — Alter interior tenant space in Unit B for medical office use

Africana Villa LLC
312 Locust St.
$163,000 — New grocery store

Centro Cristiano Emanuel
435 Cottage St.
$6,000 — Remove non-structural walls

City of Springfield
962 Carew St.
$554,710 — Alter interior classroom space at Liberty Elementary School for use as a kitchen

FNBC Realty Corp., et al
1350 Main St.
$2,483,296.15 — Renovate Suite 600 in MassLive building

The Gray House Inc.
22 Sheldon St.
$16,000 — Erect utility ramp in rear of property

Honore LLC
272 Worthington St.
$130,900 — Alter interior space of existing restaurant for new bar and kitchen area

Marks Realty LLP
821 Boston Road
$50,000 — Alter interior space; change use from retail store to Nam’s Taekwando

Mount Calvary Baptist Church of Springfield
17 John St.
$26,000 — Remodel interior space

Picknelly Family LP
1 Monarch Place
$120,000 — Alter interior tenant office space on 22nd floor for Liberty Bank

Pilar 2 LLC
165 Liberty St.
$25,016.75 — Add and alter bathroom, sink, and cabinets in office building

RF Realty Co. LLC
445 Sumner Ave.
$129,000 — Alter interior tenant space for use as Xpress Med Urgent Care

Snapland 59 LLC
51 Taylor St.
$60,000 — Repair brick facade and basement walls

Springfield Qoz Self-Storage II LLC
55 Emery St.
$1,000,000 — Alter interior space of basement and four levels for use as Devon Storage