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BusinessTalk with Peter Picknelly

We are excited to announce that BusinessWest, in partnership with Living Local, has launched a new podcast series, BusinessTalk. Each episode will feature in-depth interviews and discussions with local industry leaders, providing thoughtful perspectives on the Western Massachuetts economy and the many business ventures that keep it running during these challenging times.

Episode 84: Oct. 18, 2021

George Interviews Peter Picknelly, chairman and CEO of Peter Pan Bus Lines

Peter Picknelly says fuel prices affect more than the transportation sector he works in

BusinessWest Editor George O’Brien has a lively, wide-ranging discussion with Peter Picknelly, chairman and CEO of Peter Pan Bus Lines. The two talk about everything from the ongoing workforce crisis to people getting back on the roads — finally; from the many challenges facing those in the restaurant business, to the loss of his good friend, business partner, and restaurant industry icon Andy Yee. It’s a compelling discussion and must listening, so join us on BusinessTalk, a podcast presented by BusinessWest in partnership with Living Local.

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