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Canna Provisions, Aruna Partner to Offer Sun-grown Indoor Cannabis in Lee

LEE — Canna Provisions, a Lee-based, woman-owned, award-winning cannabis dispensary, announced it has entered into a product partnership with Aruna, the first legal cannabis-cultivation facility to launch operations in Lee.

“Canna Provisions and Aruna coming together is a true hyper-local launch of a partnership of Lee’s two key legal cannabis operations,” said Meg Sanders, Canna Provisions CEO and co-owner. “We take pride knowing that Canna Provisions’ focus on convenient, easy pre-ordering, quick in-and-out experiences with the best selection of products in the Berkshires, has meant we have local consumers who look to us to not only carry the best products in the state, but to help launch them. As the resident trailblazer in the legal adult-use retail cannabis landscape of Lee, we are excited to partner with and begin offering our passionate customers Aruna’s cannabis flower.”

Aruna, located at 845 Pleasant St. in Lee, is a Desi-owned minority legal cannabis-cultivation business boasting a state-of-the-art, fully sealed greenhouse facility creating sun-grown indoor cannabis.

Typically the choice is either to grow indoors for the controlled environment, or grow outdoors for greater sustainability while risking various contaminant risks, said Harsh Patel, Aruna CEO. “The hardest approach is to try to do both in order to have indoor quality while emphasizing the amazing terpene profiles and expressions sun-grown cannabis boasts in order to create an iconic duo combining the best of both worlds for the consumer. We chose the hardest approach.”

Patel said the ability to harness the key strengths of both indoor and outdoor methods of cultivation means the aesthetics and plant expression from natural sun growth and the tight-knit controls of an indoor facility yields something fresh for the market that’s also focused on sustainability and avoiding various issues that plague outdoor and hybrid greenhouse grows.

Aruna has just under 10,000 square feet of canopy in a building just under 20,000 square feet. “This is the only facility of its kind east of the Mississippi using the full spectrum of the sun in a completely controlled indoor environment at a fraction of the carbon footprint of a traditional greenhouse,” said Mark Vlachos, vice president of Cultivation and Processing for Aruna.

Canna Provisions is headquartered in 300 yards off the Lee exit on the Mass Pike, and also has a retail store in downtown Holyoke. Canna Provisions cultivation is located in Sheffield.