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Connecticut Issues New Travel Restrictions on Massachusetts Residents

HARTFORD, Conn. — Connecticut updated its travel advisory this week to include Massachusetts among the states triggering travel restrictions.

Massachusetts residents spending more than 24 hours in Connecticut are required to complete the Connecticut Travel Form prior to arrival. Massachusetts residents are also required to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival — or for the duration of their stay, if shorter — or receive a negative COVID-19 test result within 72 hours prior to arrival in the state and provide that documentation by e-mail to the commissioner of Public Health. Connecticut residents spending more than 24 hours in Massachusetts within 14 days prior to returning home are also required to complete the form and quarantine or provide a negative COVID-19 test result upon their return.

This travel advisory does not apply to workers who commute back and forth between Massachusetts and Connecticut as long as they spend no more than 24 hours within Massachusetts. It also does not apply to Connecticut residents who travel to Massachusetts for work-related travel and who qualify as essential workers as designated by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency. However, it does apply to students returning home to Connecticut from Massachusetts if their stay in Massachusetts was more than 24 hours.

Connecticut updates its list of restricted states each Tuesday.